Buy Vs Lease Vs Loan


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what are the documents that needs to be submitted to for lease


on line you need to submit address proof, ID proof income proof and bank statement. The page will take you step by step.

When you are taking delivery your need to submit 3 cheques and need to sign the agreement.


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I just thought very simple.

Driving cost for 50000 km using electricity is Rs. 15,000 ( assuming 30 p/km) but using petrol will be around ~84,000 (Rs. 75 pl / 45 kmpl = 1.66 rs/km ). The is a saving of 70,000/- but just paying only g 43,000 extra initially compared to Activa (Activa @ 80k on road with insurance but Ather450 @ 1.23L).
Assuming AtherOne subscription equals to the petrol bike servicing cost we are saving on carbon emissions… Even if you remove the interest for 43K over 3 years with 8.1% interest rate which you can think of total 50k after tax on interest. Even if you spend 20k on new battery with extra 15k considering new battery cost at 35k. In next 50k km you will be saving 50k because here the initial cost is only 15k.


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That was my calculation too