Breakfast Ride on Sunday - 22nd Sept, 2019 - Ather Space to Cafe Azzure

Dear Athereans, :motor_scooter:

I am planning to have weekend ride and catch up with Ather team on Sunday 22 Sep

So here is the Plan….

We can all meet at Ather space Indiranagar at 7:45 am from there to Café Azzure Kalayan Nagar where we can have breakfast and have chat with Ather team and meet fellow Athereans

This catch up will more of interaction with Ather team and owners I would not be expecting Ather team to address vehicle issues.

Request everyone to join…

People who are not there in forum please inform them as well…

@Shreyas can you please extend this invite to Ather Team members if they can join the ride and enjoy the Breakfast on Sunday morning… :sun_with_face:


I’ll meet you guys at Cafe Azzure directly.

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I’m in!
Will meet at Cafe Azzure KAMMANAHALLI

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Sorry sir,
Nan baroke agala. E Sunday full busy.


I will :slight_smile:


Why Kalyan nagar? why not somewhere in central Bangalore?

Cafe Azzure has a grid charging point :slight_smile:

We can do one location every month (or whatever interval).


Thanks for taking the lead in co-ordinating this ride :+1:

My nephew (the Ather fan) has his birthday this Sunday. The small party at home will have Ather theme :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if I will be able to attend this ride as I’ve to make some arrangements.
I’ll still try to attend it. I checked the entire route of Home-Atherspace-Cafe Azzure-Home and it is 55kms. So Sports mode throughout is possible :slight_smile:

Nice idea. @raghav.srinivasan


Thank you Shreyas… :smiley:

@hemanth.anand Advance birthday wishes for your nephew… Thank you soo much for your support… :smiley:

no problem Sir we can meet up on any weekend…

Hey Chetan,

Thanks for looping us in! Two of our earliest team members will love to join you all on the ride and for a chat over breakfast.

Shantanu is among the first 10 at Ather and has been a part of the team for over 5 years! Though motorcycles are what he drools over, he’s played a key role in designing the Ather 450. You can ask him about every tiny design detail of the 450 and he will happily share with you guys the story of designing the 450.

Milind is into product management, he is also excited about joining you all. He has worked on a gamut of things related to the Ather 450 since the early days. Starting from, leading the Power Electronics team (everything related to electricals and charging) to now working on the next generation of products, Milind is the go-to guy if anyone is interested in understanding the product deeply.

And yes, breakfast at Café Azzure will be on us!


Thank you so much Shreyas for the Introduction.

Welcome Shantanu and Milind looking forward to having a chat with you people over breakfast… :smiley:


So it is chai pe charcha :tea: or breakfast pe charcha :bowl_with_spoon: ft. Ather ki baat by Shantanu and Milind


yes saar very well quoted… :smiley:

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Hey guys, is the invite still open for me to join in? :slightly_smiling_face: Also, would love to bring the wife/co-owner along! Pls let me know if that’s ok guys… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, the invite is still open… Please do join with you wife…:smiley:

I’m in 90%
10% not sure
will confirm by Saturday night if its not an issue.

Okay saar thank you… :slightly_smiling_face:

Additional invitees need to be accompanied by home made sweets :slight_smile: