Break Through: Our first mass ad campaign

Hi folks,

It’s a big day for Ather tomorrow. Our biggest advertising campaign ‘Break Through’ is going live with India-Australia T20 matches on TV, Print, OTT, and more. (With this, we hope everyone will know that you’re riding an ‘Ather’, and not an Aether, Ether, or Aather :P)

Here’s a sneak peek of the 10-sec ad that you’ll see playing in the matches starting tomorrow. We have a longer ad as well that we’ll share here shortly!

Exciting times are here!


Perfect occasion to launch the ad. All the best Ather.


Finally it’s happening.

Had a hard time explaining people which brand is this. At first I told them whole story and now I explain them in short just like the ad.

Believing the previous information, since morning I started telling them that you will see this on TV from tomorrow during the match.

Good things in 2020 and Ather meeting deadlines is very rare.

Good to see them back on track :heart:


Great, finally a much need ad.

This ad is for those who think the white hawk (Ather white) is a modified version of ntorq but now ppl will actually start knowing of Ather. Most people think it looks like ntorq and have navigation features like ntorq, but they don’t know that the Ather’s design and features were conceptualized long long back than ntorq.

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Share of voice blitz: Check! :white_check_mark:


Anything else ? Like ather powerplay? Or super Sixes presented by ather? :sweat_smile:


Any specific time when it will be aired?

Very good and all the best.

Big day indeed! Ad goes to TV, Series 1 goes to Tumkur :wink:


Can we expect ADs sometime soon in the newspapers too - like The Hindu and TOI? Was eagerly looking for them in the former today, couldn’t find any😛

This weekend


This is cool. Ather is really growing. Expansion, premium advertisements - all good signs. All the best Ather :slight_smile:

While we can be happy that we don’t need to explain about Ather, we would also be losing the privilege of boasting and explaining about the stylish scooter from an unknown brand and feeling as proud as if you are a co-founder :wink:


On the bright side, Ather now will become significantly mainstream and my ongoing efforts to get my family & friends to switch will become much easier!

But on the flip side, we Ather owners can no longer take pride in being alpha nerds :sob: :yum:


I watch match on SonyLIV app. Will ad be shown there or its only on TV channels?

…but it will always be a head turner, 450 included.


As much happy for Ather to become popular, I actually wish Ather to bring the cost down and make it affordable for more people.

I assume right now, Ather demand is more than supply. Our mainstream ads can actually go LIVE when supply > demand.

Perfect time to see the Ather add…

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Hey folks!

From the first open house in Bengaluru, to beta test rides, community events, and launching the Ather 450X across India, it’s been an amazing ride for Ather over the last few years. This ad is the next milestone in our journey as we build more awareness about electric and make electric mainstream! Here’s the brand film that’ll be shown on TV channels, OTT and online platforms. We’re excited for what the future holds as the 450X finds more homes near you!


Here it is :fire: Also saw 2 ads Between two overs. Couldn’t take a better image. Was admiring the scooter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Also, work is going on at my home so excuse me for this unclean image