Better use of given hardware (WIFI & Speaker)

As most of you must know tha Ather 450x comes with a fully functional speaker and WIFI module but its never been in use while every other scooter with screen offers it.As atherstack 5 is being polished out with annouced and lab features coming slowly this would be great addition as scooter is already capable of this through test/service menu.

Simple features like casting phone screen to watch youtube or stream something on dashboard using phone hotspot(pretty handy if you are waiting for ordered street food :stuck_out_tongue:).Even satellite view for maps over wifi.

These are doable on scooter’s internet but I can understand the reasons and network plan has its very own benefits rather than pairing phone for hotspot each time.


Absolutely agreed…Even though the streaming option is a little out of box, the speaker and WiFi functions optimization would be welcomed by everyone…If this happens,then Ather could help us to completely utilize the vehicle by enabling these :100:…


That Wi-Fi feature, I would very much like to use being staying in a Jio data coverage deprived area. :sweat_smile: It has another extra port (two terminals) on the left side of the boot left unconnected anywhere. Is that for some other usage?


Hate to break it to you but Snapdragon 212 is capable of wifi, but screen sharing or casting is way out of it’s limit, the processors is almost buried in tons of background work. With monitoring over 30 sensors, CanBUS, and data communication to and back to Ather servers. Maybe better processor was asked in 2020, still they haven’t gone for it. So maybe in Gen4 something may improve or not.


the port in boot is for battery diagnostic tool I think else everything can be checked in dashboard


it can easily stream Youtube over wifi when scooter is standing even in stack 5 and speaker is good enough for vocals.Ather can add voice guides for new users who dont have good hand eye coordination


Can you post a pic of that, never seen a port inside the boot area.

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The port isn’t inside the boot. But you can guess the location; it’s somewhere on the middle of the left side boot; there is a small mark/cap. If you remove the basket, just outside of the location, a two terminal port is hooked. Below image is just explanation of the similar port, not the exact port. Sorry, I deleted photos taken somehow a few days ago.


It could be for the battery diagnostic as Dewang Patil stated


Not even remotely thats for a sensor, but it didn’t make it to final stage of production. The usual diagnostic for scooter was in the display,where there is a mirco usb port but they have changed the location of that too from gen 2 onwards.


Service center guys told me its for diagonastics,I guess they were just avoiding a long conversation.What kind of sensor do you think it could be for?


Micro USB ? Where ? Is it accessible. Pls DM


Im thinking it’s a humidity sensor, as it has to be exposed to air to measure, the only place it can be placed is outside the ip rated equipments. So near the storage it is.


Only gen 1 and gen 1.5 has accessible diagnostic port. They have moved it to someplace else in gen 2 onwards, since i don’t have a access to one don’t know where it’s placed. Sure other gen 2 owners might be to your help.

Yeah we can access it by removing the cubby hole in gen 2. It’s for canbus communication.


I thought its limited to a buzzer, it has a functional speaker too??

yes its a complete functional speaker


Voice guides would be really helpful , Ather guys pls look into that , make better use of given hardware as mentioned by dewang

Just curious what will be use of voice?

fyi, Google Maps api doesn’t allow voice in the navigation.