Better mobile app notifications and and alerts

This is regarding the App notification on Android. I got a popup notification on my android phone about the Issues with ride stats (it is also mentioned in the quoted post).

However, only the first line was displayed in the notification. And when I tapped on that notification, the Ather app opened but that message was nowhere to be seen. Wanted to know if other owners also experienced similarly? How can we see the messages in the app that pop up as notifications?


I too got same notification , but when I open nothing is happen


It’s just a push notification they are sending as of now using a console just to alert users. I guess they haven’t built a user level saved notification system yet !

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Yeah, the functionality is currently limited to only a notification broadcast.

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@abhishek.balaji just a popup notification is acceptable when it is displayed fully. But the notifications don’t display the full text in case of long messages like these. And when I tap on it to read the full text , the Ather app opens up and I lose the message. So it is not exactly serving it’s purpose. My suggestion would be to either make the messages like telegram (real telegram not the app) messages - short and to the point or save the notification in the system.

Personally, when I lost the message, I came to the forum and got the information that I needed. But not all users use the Forum and they may be deprived of important information. It is good if this draws more people to the forum but that is not the point here.