Beta testers, start here

Hey folks!

A huge shout out to all of you for volunteering to test the usage reports!

We’ll be sending you a copy of your November usage report to test over email. Do take a look at it, and let us know your feedback and any issues you can spot.

Note: This is a closed beta before we roll out the feature to everyone, so we’d appreciate it if you can refrain from posting or talking about it in other channels.


will we be getting software test updates as well as the monthly reports?

@OpenLabsBetaGroup please check your email for the report and share your feedback here :slight_smile:



Hey Team,

Got the first report and the details about the units consumed and average efficiency is really useful.
I think the data is a little miss, because I remember I once clocked 83kmph on ORR.

And also the average charging percentage is also a little miss I guess, because I normally plug in at around 45%, but it’s showing 61%

On the top speed, have you seen this? It might not match the dashboard speed


Had a look at the report… Neatly put.

Better use of colors would be great!

Also, the recommended charge levels are 20%-80%.
How can I limit the top cap without manually stopping the charge?

Overall, great report!


So whatever speed we hit. It’ll show us 80kmph on our report ? Because I hit 91kmph but the report says 80kmph

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Just saw the report. I see everything as 0 or NaN wherever a number should come. Its JUNK all over it.

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Charging month shows as Oct 19. Shouldn’t it be Nov 19. I got my vehicle on 2nd Nov.

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Is that Stay Anonymous feature turn on in your Ather ?:thinking:

Here? It’s a comparison between the two months

I see that you guys have included efficiency in watt hours per km, and compared it to the best community efficiency. I have two points to note:

  1. The bar graph should be inverted, with a subtitle that says “lower is better”. It is more intuitive to have it be represented correctly, as opposed to inverted.

  2. I would also like a comparison with community average efficiency, instead of just community best efficiency.

In terms of aesthetics, I would like a little more green accents throughout the report.

Also, the font seems a bit weird in terms of the spacing between alphabets. Especially in paragraphs, it looks unevenly spaced.

In the second page of the report, the bar graphs are not consistent in design compared to the first page.

The charging units bar graph and charging patterns bar graph do not have rounded edges for the bars, like in the first page. Since curved edge shaped bars are being used in the first page, and they look nice, they should be made the same way in all the graphs.

I’ve noted that you guys provide information on our most efficient trip, including date and time, along with efficiency. I would like to see the information for the least efficient trip as well.

I would also like to see information on the longest single trip by the user.

On a side note, I have a fundamental problem with these types of reports, that might require some changes.

I’ve mentioned two issues in the past, and I’ll state them again, for your consideration.

  1. I would like you guys to make incognito mode on the vehicle behave differently from how it currently behaves. I believe that the only thing that incognito mode should do is not have the trip show up on the app in any way. In other words, the information while in incognito mode can still be used anonymously, just not connected to the user. This also means, and this is important to me personally, that navigation within the vehicle is still enabled while in incognito mode. I don’t want to lose the ability to use navigation and Google Maps just because I’m in incognito mode. I would urge you guys to consider this. In terms of programming, providing navigation in incognito should be as simple as flipping a switch. Just don’t make the trip show up in the app.

  2. I share my vehicle with another person, and this person also uses the app, with shared credentials. It might be worthwhile to consider setting up profiles for each rider on a vehicle, and letting the user switch profiles on vehicle / in app, so that information tracked gets attached to a particular profile. I understand this is a lot harder to implement than request 1, so I don’t expect you guys to commit to this.


Here is the screenshot which i received


understood. Thank you

The report is precise and gives a basic detail about the rider. The top speed shown in the report is different from the actuals. Aside request you show Tyre pressure in dash board. Efficiency shown is also not correct. I would like to know if there is any minimum distance kept as benchmark for showing the efficiency.

The report was good but it seems there are some technical glitches as myself clocked 90kmph once. Once it also went below 20% SOC so personally I think this need to be improved a bit.
It’s good to see how much electricity I consumed both at my home and at Ather grid. Hope this data was accurate and as a proud owner of Ather 450 I really appreciate all the work and support put in by Ather team.

My report is actually wrong
I recieved my vehicle only on Nov 25
Graph is a bit confusing normal graph would be of better understanding

Nice initiative. Really appreciate it. So my charging start % is showing 55% ,so is it better to use till 20% and then put to charge ?
My range is showing 68kms in sports but how to utilize it, as the vehicle shows only 55.

Overall liked the way report is been designed.
Thank you team