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I received my Ather 450 Report,
Thanks for this Report.
In my case Efficiency is 34 Wh/Km.
How to reduce Efficiency?


The report is well compiled and gives most of the information we as owners want.
Just a few suggestions :

  1. Currently, the community best efficiency is shown. But along with that, showing community average efficiency would be a better indicator for the rider to compare his efficiency.
  2. Along with the total charging units, the information on charging can be more precise if you can show the units consumed in each charging session. It would help in roughly calculating how much one full charge costs.
  3. If the private charging units can be bifurcated between portable charger and Pod/Dot, that’ll be even better. Can this be done?

I liked the graph that shows rider profile and the badges section as well. Well done! @Ather.Team

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Hi Ather team,

The report is great, but it misses some stats which is good to have.


  1. Top speed: The top speed shows as 79, but I had reached 91.
  2. Charging: Mostly I used to charge around 25% but the average is around 53%. Its better to have a median than average. Since I don’t use my Ather in weekends and on Monday, before starting for work I used to charge do a full charge.
  3. Rider profile:: It shows me a balanced rider but the projected range in Sports mode is 49 and Ride mode is 59.

Good to have

  1. With the total KM covered in Eco / Ride / Mode is it possible to show the efficiency also.
  2. Is it possible to add a recommendation to improve efficiency / range along with the rider profile.
  3. Badge: For badge you can add whats is achieved say 4/5 grids visited or 500KM out of 1000KM covered.
  4. RANGE KM/CHARGE: It will helpfull if we can compare the average range achieved by the community vs the range achieved by an individual user. Can this comparison be done on users with a similar riding profile?
  5. CHARGE: Total time spent in charging, most users Grid, and some stats on the most used grids
    and when they are used and free. Say @works grid is always used between 4PM to 6PM.
  6. With charging and riding styles can we have a projection to say “Hey if you continue like this you
    have to replace the battery in next 2 yrs”.
  7. Other: Average time spent in travel, Time spent in traffic, suggested an alternative route to save some time in traffic.
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Hey @abhishek.balaji

  • I personally feel telling us to charge between 20% to 80% makes sense. But it kind of contradicts the fact that you guys are promoting overnight charging. I mean until that option to halt charge at 80% is available. Stating this in the report might become a bit controversial.

  • I think the speed thing could be mentioned as a side note that it might not be what’s on your dashboard when the reports go out to everyone.

  • The charge cycle graphs could have dates on them?

  • The badges issued motivates us to drive efficiently but can the report suggest us on how to drive efficiently too? That could help people. Also gives it more of a usable data to improve upon with some idea on how to.

  • An average efficiency of the whole community users would help.

  • If you could, do add an average distance travelled per day. And since you have the average speed of each ride. Could you also give us an average speed for the month.

  • Also I think the Amount of CO2 SAVED would be a really nice touch to the whole report

  • This might be a stupid thing to ask but is it possible to include number of units lost? As in the energy we lose to the BMS or to anything when the scooter is stationary ? Because it seems to be substantially. It’ll be ATLEAST 1 unit of loss a month. At the least
    It’s 2 %SoC loss per night for non over night chargers.

  • A much much needed bit of data is of the state of battery health. Is there any chance that could be included.

  • Is the graph of the rider profile based only on efficiency? If so, could we have a user profile (graph ) based on usage(Km) and speed.

Also I had a small question. Is the units consumed. The units consumed by the scooter from the power outlet or the final number of units getting stored in the battery. Since there are loses while charging. (So this might not coincide directly to the units we are paying for monthly)


It would be good if you can also add the dates in charging sessions/patterns.

Also the avg efficiency badge can be removed. Not everyone will be riding in good and flat roads. 70% of my ride will be uphill and some bad roads. Hence the efficiency will be a higher number for me always.

i have my doubts about this calculation… i have been reporting concerns on my round trips not getting completed with-in the sport mode range of 55. i always have a fear of jumping into Eco mode for the last 4-5 kms(in my understanding i am getting a actual range of under 50 in sport mode). So i was expecting to see these numbers tell the same story, but it looks different indicating a predicted range of 71… Can these number calculations be explained to help better understanding and reading of the report please.

However, the reported efficiency is seemingly correct, but it doesnot seem to be giving me a actual range exceeding 50 in Sport mode.

This doesn’t make any sense unless the minimum distance is increased to at least 5kms. A ride efficiency for a ride of 1km doesn’t add any value at all. i have seen ride efficiency of 19Wh/Km too when i just rolled down a long gradient and stopped, but that gives no learning to carry into riding styles.

Can the calculation of the units be explained so that it would help in better understanding and reading. eg. 0.5 unit for every 10% of battery charge.
Will need to see few more numbers(months) to understand its straight relationship with the distance covered in the month.

Firstly thanks to Ather team to have come up with such a monthly report. While I like the thought process, I still see a lot of data which isn’t convincing.

Things I liked,

  1. Total distance covered travelled
  2. Power consumed
  3. Badges earned

Things that could be improved/added,

  1. Top speed shows as 81kmph whereas I have seen both on the dashboard and in ride statistics that I have clocked 91kmph few times. Data is perplexing.
  2. Key metrics are missing in the rider profile graph.
  3. Date metric missing in charging sessions graphic.
  4. More statistics required to know the ride pattern. Eg., Speed vs Efficiency graph, Fuel expense saved (rough estimate), Breakeven point status for a owner etc

My expectations are very basic as I could see many things could be achieved with the number of sensors in the bike and the data saved in the cloud.

As per my understanding, the predicted range shown is the range a rider can expect to achieve in a single ride without any stoppages and consuming 100% of the battery. For example, the predicted range in sport is 60km, which means if you start a ride at 100% and go all the way to 0%, you have a high possibility of travelling 60 km as per your riding style.
The predicted range in the app does not take into consideration the loss of energy when parked.
However, when we owners calculate “actual” range, we calculate only the distance travelled by us.
In my case, if I add the loss of energy to my “actual” range, the figures more or less come close to the predicted range.
I hope I’m correct in understanding this.


I think everyone here has already covered most of what I have to say. So I have just 3 things:

  1. My average efficiency is shown as 32Wh/km yet my range on Sports shown is 84. Is this the average range? Or the range on 30th November? If it’s average range, then my average efficiency is probably wrong. It should be around 28/29.

  2. Expanding on Gokul’s issue with the aesthetics of the report: too many colours. The white, green, black of the newsletters we receive every few months are so nice to look at and read. Except for the riding modes, the rest can probably be in the black green white. Also feels like there are too many shapes. Needs more consistency.

  3. The Badges are very interesting and fun! But, maybe reward/show badges for achievements even if they are small ones.

Because, not everyone can achieve the current badges. Some barely ride 200kms in a month. Getting an average efficiency of 25Wh/km in a month is close to impossible, especially if the community best average is 26Wh/km.

Instead, it’s better to get a badge for achieving even a less than 35Wh/km average, or 30Wh/km average. This could encourage people to ride more efficiently.

Getting a badge for traveling even 500kms in a month can encourage me to take my Ather out more often and clock more kilometres.

Also, getting a badge for not using any grid point that month, or using it only once or twice will encourage users to plan their rides and keep a healthy battery life by going less often to the fast charging point.

Overall, it’s great! Gives the user a lot of insight!

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No on the report doesnt seems to be accurate, already co owners have pointed it out. One more suggestion, tips can also be included into report for achieving lets 25wh/km or efficient way of charging.

Everyone here has already covered most of The points that I wanted to highlight. Hope the next report are with the required changes.

@abhishek.balaji I haven’t got my report…can you please look into it. My guess if probably the last ‘h’ in my name is missed :slight_smile:


Since true capacity of battery is already capped to 2.4 from 2.7 for battery life. So what’s battery use the limiting charging to 80 ? And currently there is no alert feature on app to say charging has reached my preferred charging capacity. If that was integrated with app then limiting charging to 80% can be achieved.

My daily home-office-home usage is ~50kms and 80% is actually enough for that. I always used to charge it to 100%. One day I thought “let me charge it to 80% only and see”. On the evening homeward journey, the Economy mode made me realize my mistake. The last 10kms ride to home in Economy mode felt like an eternity (add to that the many irate people behind me with their different horn tones). After just that one day, switched back to 100% charging. I don’t have range anxiety anymore but I have developed the mode anxiety!

Limiting the charging to 80% further increases the cycle life.
Actually it is already at 90% (2.4/2.7). If we charge till it displays 90% also, it’ll be 90% of 90%…which is 80%


Thank you for the individualized report. Most points for improvement have already been covered previously.

Just to restress:

  1. Badges for smaller achievements can be motivating.
  2. Charging details- like date of charge, time spent in that charging session. An alert in the App when it reaches 80% would help maintain that balance.
  3. Total distance covered by me in a full charge.

I took delivery on Nov 28th, and that is mentioned in the heading, but the graphs are showing Sept to Oct, so just a typo I believe. It shows that my most efficient ride was on Nov 14th, highly impossible haha. This is a 2 day report for me basically.

Overall, it is very informative and helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have the opposite comment to make here, I know for a fact that my daughter has never ever gone over 50 kmph but her max speed shows 80 kmph!

Ajay - Swathi’s dad

Thanks for the report.

Here are some feedback:

  1. Got my vehicle in November but it also shows October statistics.
  2. Most of the charging was done in November but statistics shows it is October.
  3. Charging sessions could show “Time or Date of Charging” on the X axis
  4. Can you include battery drained when parked in the statistics? This will also provide a clue on
    battery condition.



@Ather.Team Is it possible to include total energy recuperated from Regen for the month?


Can we get a YTD, QTD and MTD view of the mileage and power consumption data?

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