Best Fit Helmets

Hi, The helmet is a great match for the bike. Can you send me the link from where you purchased this? TIA

Thank you. Noticed that even Ather team used the same helmets during the Chennai launch event :-).
You can find it on Amazon here :

I think someone else also said this before, but after all the horror stories I’ve heard about these open face helmets, I would strongly suggest that you get a full face helmet instead.


True… If there was a full face helmet version, it would have been a first choice for many…

I tweeted to Vega Helmets… If any one interested please retweet…

There are a some Vega/Studds helmets with the same color combination on Amazon :slight_smile:

Opeion 1

Option 2

Option 3

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Hi Shreyas,

I tried the two Vega Full Face. The finish is not the same as on Verve one… The matte finish and the bigger blacks does not match the stylish one you have for the test rides…

I did not know about the Studds. Looks better but again, it looks like openable chin, so still not good for safety factor…

Studds Shifter Helmet D6 Matt BK N3 (XL)

I bought this one… Good helmet…

Got it from Megha Enterprises on Lalbagh road.
Costed me 4.3k.
The colour combination should match with that of athers.
It’s DOT and ECE certified.
Has cutout for intercom, cooling vents, washable padding and dual visors.
It’s pretty dope looking :slight_smile: