Belt/Tyre cleaning tips

Didn’t know something like this existed. Hate it when the cleaning guys balance the scooter on the side stand to clean the wheel :no_mouth: so I’d tell them to skip cleaning the wheels.

Found out about rollers only because Instagram snoops on my Google searches for paddock stand :man_facepalming:t2::joy:


@abhishek.balaji how is the service done at ather? Do they rest the scooter on the side stand or proper paddock is used?

Definitely not resting on the side stand. We use paddock stands in the service centers.


Interesting. Cheaper than padlock… Any one has this? How useful is it?

I’m about to buy it. Will let you know once I get it. I wanted a paddock stand initially for cleaning the wheel and belt. It’s so annoying to keep moving the vehicle and crouching to clean the belt 3-5 times. I like that this little thing takes lesser space than a paddock stand.

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Thank you. Even I had to to multiple asanas to clean… Will wait for ur review… Padlock stand was too expensive for my usage.

I wonder how this tiny contraption “stand” the Ather. Looking to keep on side stand with this under the wheels?

This is just for the sake of rolling your tyre. Even after inserting this below the tyre we need the side stand for the ather to stand. This is just for the ease of rolling tyre without moving the vehicle.

That’s the plan. But this roller also has no groove. And with the lean angle of the 450, I’m worried wheel might slide off😶 but also wouldn’t know until I try it.


Superbikes use this since they also don’t have centre stands. They mostly use it to lube their chains.

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Got this delivered today and tried it out. The wheel is easily movable with this, although it needs a little bit of effort and won’t be turning as freely as having a paddock stand. But, if you just need to clean the wheels and belt, I think this should work fine.

I did notice the wheel slipping to the side though, but when I turned it the opposite direction, it moved back to its original place😂 so maybe I’ll just turn it in that direction while cleaning.

Additionally, I was thinking, if you have another person’s help, you could probably put the vehicle in park assist mode and throttle slightly. (Not on the side stand, but holding the vehicle upright of course) then, just hold a brush on the belt and you’re done cleaning it in a minute or less :joy:


Oh! yo already brought it! The problem with this is that during a puncture, rotating tyres on these rollers is very tough. With air inside the tyre itself you have written that it takes some effort.

A better accessory is shown below. One of my friend uses it on his Ninja 650 and the below picture was taken by me during one of our trips together.

It is basically a stand that lifts up the tyre by a couple of cms. Just enough to rotate it freely for puncture or chain/belt cleaning without needing help from a second person. the effort required to place this is minimal. Of course the vehicel will rest on the side stand but it is not much of a load. The biggest advantage is it is very portable.

It will be available in most motorbike accessory stores. My friend purchased it from Moto Store and Cafe near Halasuru lake. This store is easy to find too as there is an Ather grid point