Belt is not aligned properly

Uploaded below are the difference between proper and improper belt fit on Ather.
The belt in Ather is just 50% on the sproket, which is definitely not a ideal fit, which might cause wear & tear of the belt much sonner than the lifetime.

There should had been sidewalls on both sides for both end of the pulleys to avoid sliding of belt like this.

Proper belt fit:

Improper belt fit on Ather 450:


Refer the below FAQ


I heard that from another forum.
He only meant belt wont slip off, doesn’t mean belt is properly fit.

As you can see only 50% of the belt is in contact with the sprocket, which really shortens the life of the belt.

Could this be fixed at least on the upcoming Ather ?
This is something @Ather.Team design department should look into carefully!

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This is not an issue and has been extensively tested. It won’t have any effect on the life of the belt.


I don’t think this is true. I understand that it might look like that. And I had the same doubt too. But the truth is the sprocket Is a bit wider than the width of the belt used. And the belt is completely on the sprocket as you can see in this zoomed in image

Do check it out yourself. You can feel the sprocket right under the belt on the inner side too.


Ya True, Belt seems to be well between both sidewalls !

Or may be belt is too thin for this sprocket? as we could able to see the sprocket gear to the left side.
As you could see from other reference belt drive bikes, the belt completely covers the sprocket.

Ya the sprocket might be a bit wide for this belt. I wonder why ather chose to go for a wider sprocket.
@Ather.Team might have had a reason to go with this particular sprocket. Could just be to give the belt some wiggle room. Since my belt sits a bit differently now

I guess all the sprockets are a bit wider.


Testing is ok.
But why the width of the belt is less than the pulley?

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As @Suraj_madhu has mentioned, the pulley is wider to allow some room for play and to avoid the belt from slipping off.

This is like the glass that looks half full to some and half empty to some :slight_smile:


Why is that room for play not available on above pictures i posted ?
Harleys or Zero motorcycles etc… ?

It seems like a perfect fit in those pics.

Well, this isn’t a Harley!. Each vehicle has its own ubiquitous things - this is one of those for the 450.

Ather has clarified multiple times on this forum that the belt alignment is as per design and it’s not a defect.

With those clarifications, I think we should put this topic to rest