Battery drain in shutdown mode

Should there be any battery drain in shutdown mode ???

My friend purchased Ather 450x very recently after my advice and recommendation.

Nightly (~ 15 hours) 3 to 4 % battery drain was first shocker for him. I explained him about connected scooter/features etc and suggested him to shutdown the vehicle to avoid battery drain.

Even in shutdown mode he noticed -2% battery drain. Is this normal ?


2% daily? Mine is 2% daily when not in use and not in shutdown state…


I have noticed the battery drop by 1-2% in shutdown mode when the SOC is above 75%. I have kept it in shutdown mode for a week with SOC at apprx 55% and lost around 3% after 8 days.

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Not daily. This was overnight.


Update- He tried to keep his secondary phone in shutdown status for 12 to 15 hours and there was no battery drain.

So question now, does Ather do any ‘connected’ activities even when being in shutdown mode.


Ather does not have connected stuff going on in shutdown mode. The 1-2% “drain” that users are seeing is probably because of the sheer number of battery cells connected in parallel and series and how difficult it can be to balance them. Also battery chemistry matters so you can’t directly compare phones and EVs. More details about how they measure SoC and other technical stuff can be found in Ather’s blog: Ather Energy It’s really cool to read.

If you read any smartphone or older type phone’s manual they recommend charging to atleast 80% when shutting down for a long period of time.


Thanks for the explanation. This helps


@promise.gangani Have a look at this.

There is Hugh battery Drain on bike as I did turned it off on April 14 with 59% battery. Now in the app it shows battery percentage as 11%. Not sure why as it was shutdown long time ago. I’m worried that I falsely brought Ather as now the entire operating system is different. Look like Ather is now confusing on how to make more money. Despite working on the bugs.


This is interesting. Can you please elaborate.

  1. You did shutdown on 15-Apr with 59% battery and didn’t turn on Ather yet. And your phone is showing 11%. Can you tell me what’s your “last updated on time stamp showing.”
  2. You are saying while OS is changing. You remember which OS version you were on earlier. There is big change in Atherstack 4 to 5.
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Can phone even show charging percentage when scooter is in shutdown state?


I was thinking same. It’s not possible AFAIK. Waiting for his response.


If the scooter is in shutdown state, it cannot connect with the mobile app.

@svishwanthreddy The data that is shown in the app will be definitely older than Apr 14

Update on this- The scooter was in shutdown state for almost 85+ hours during this weekend. The drop in battery % was 0 and the SOC was 79% before shutdown.


Exactly… Thats what happens

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turning the key off ≠ shutdown.

key off means ‘sleep’

shutdown is when you go through settings and choose the option to shutdown. shutting down turns off all electronics besides the BMS i believe! hence negligible idle drain.


@marghoob.hasan. When I did shutdown the battery percentage was at 59%. As it is the last time when data get uploaded to the server. Not sure if there is any new software was launched after the shutdown. Moreover, once scooter get shutdown it should shows the last data which is available on the sever. Now it got changed as the vehicle is still in shutdown mode. Not sure which version is it now. This is the first time it happened. It’s really annoying to know the status of battery got changed without turning it on.

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Yeah I do agree with that. From last two days I notice on the app that change in battery percentage. Not sure, if the new software has been updated when it is in shutdown State .

You vehicle is definitely not in shutdown state. The app will simply not connect with the scooter if its shutdown

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This doesn’t look like shutdown state.

Shutdown is done from setting and selecting shutdown option. Are you shutting down from settings… or vehicle off/key removed you are calling as shutdown

This is key-off mode. You can see the scooter is still syncing looking under My 450X, it says Last synced 5 mins ago. You need to select shutdown from profile section in settings.

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