Battery degradation in shutdown mode.

So i went to my hometown for diwali and to attend a wedding. Didn’t knew how much time it would take me so decided to shutdown my Ather this time.

This was my first shutdown in 6 months. If i have to go for a week or less i generally don’t use the shutdown mode if i have enough power.

Below are the screenshots.

The battery was at 93 percent when i shut it down. I usually ride in sports mode as shown.

Came back after 18 days. I thought atleast 15 percent battery would have gone. But to my surprise it went down only by 1 percent.

The mode was obviously defaulted to ride.

1 percent battery loss in 18 days. I’m very impressed with this. :crown:


And mode changed from sport to ride

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You know you or someone else could very easily toggle the mode switch by mistake when the scooter is turned off right?

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Yes, sometime after shutdown and restart the mode switches to ride mode, quite often happens in gen 1.5 scooters.


Your phone’s battery charge did not go down even 1%. And even the time is also same! What a coincident…!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I took both the screenshots at the same time. First one before the app updated.


After 21 hours 2 percent battery gone without shutdown.


This should be the expected/ideal behaviour. But due to some bug or unclear instructions to some users, people face the issue of huge battery drop in shutdown mode.

Thanks for sharing!