Just got 10.5.2-202305 update

Recent updates required me to reboot the vehicle in the morning after updating.

same here,had to manually reboot to proceed

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Reboot option could have been automated/deferred just like PC’s OS installation or update, else the scooter waits days for the human intervention, just to give reset or reboot command. If automated, another round of automatic reboot would resolve many issues faced owners.

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Does the Live traffic feature work on Gen2 450X as well? I thought it was supposed to but it never showed anything for me so was wondering.

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Yes absolutely

If you are using navigation, live traffic details for your route will be hidden behind the blue line. I guess the blue line overlays on top of the traffic lines.


Even without navigation it never ever showed the live traffic for me.

You can turn on live traffic on the dashboard. The ‘Live Traffic’ button above the current location button