Atherstack Cylon - 10.3.0 - SmartEco

Till date I haven’t get any solution Still on Atherstag borg

I too received it but the update got failed to install and after that nothing changes…

I haven’t received it yet


Now version is 10.3.1-202224 for me. Hopefully patch improves smart eco getting disabled after shutdown


Beta tester ?

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No. I am not.


What is latest software version currently as on my dashboard left top three lines is showing an orange dot but no software update is there

For me it is 10.2.2-202205. Maybe it hasn’t downloaded for you yet

So when it will download and what is new in update you know??


It will download automatically, and in night or if you have enabled automatically install update, it will get installed. New update is bug fixes, in older version, after scooter shutdown, smart eco was disabled automatically, this is fixed in new version. After shutdown, smart eco remains the selected mode.

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Thanks brother hope update comes soon :blush:

It’s too old

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Sorry , I meant 10.3.1-202224

Ya currently i also have this same software version

But I m on version Not getting any update after purchasing this vehicle. @abhishek.balaji @tarun @melvin.wilson if you can’t give me updates in time, I must be eligible for returning this scooter & getting my money back

The said version is under beta testing and they further stopped the rollout because of bugs identified. They will rollout a stable version again after clearing those bugs.

Some were enrolled for beta testing and only those got that version. Beta versions are not stable so willingly took the risk of bugs.

Plz note my software version It’s too old After this 10.2.2 & 10.3.0 updates has been released. You are talking about 10.3.1 which is on hold due to bugs

Ok that was my mistake I miss read your version as 3.0 got it👍