Atherstack Borg - 10.2.2

Hey folks,

We’re rolling out the next OTA update Atherstack Borg (10.2.2) for the Ather 450X and Plus, which has whole bunch of bug fixes and improvements. The update is being rolled out in batches and should reach your scooter over the next few days.

The Bluetooth improvements require the new Android app (5.2.3) as well as the OTA update installed. Please head to the Google Play Store and update the app to get the latest version. No action required from iOS users.

If you do not update either the scooter or the app, Bluetooth features will be broken until you do so

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Several improvements on Bluetooth Music and Calls features focused on stability and bug fixes for Android devices (Only for the 450X)
  • Navigation:
    • Pointer movement has been made smoother
    • Added Zoom in/out buttons on turn by turn navigation screen
    • Fixed recenter button not working sometimes
    • Fixed wrong location displayed on theme change
    • Fixed navigation screen going blank sometimes
    • Optimised display of navigation time and distance
  • The UI will display an error message when scooter is started with throttle open
  • Network icon more accurately reflects 4G data status in areas with poor network
  • Optimisations for improving sync between scooter and the app
  • Optimised the status of charger lock displayed on the dashboard
  • Fixed some more instances of UI crashes
  • Fixed trip meter getting reset sometimes
  • Fixed charger not unlocking at 100% at Ather Grid points for the 450 Plus
  • Fixed indicator sounds missing after OTA update
  • Added support for TPMS accessory which will be out in a few weeks

TPMS finally :partying_face::partying_face::zap:


Still a few more weeks. :yawning_face: Would love to see it sooner…


I believe these model neutral improvements will improve 450 also. Plans?


How to update


@gaju500 it will show you a popup automatically or you can see software update in the settings


Received update 10.2.2 yesterday night and I see lot of glitches are addressed. Especially Bluetooth connectivity issue is resolved.


Can we use TPMS on Ather 450+ as well?


TPMS has been restricted to 450x only since it works with Bluetooth and syncs with the dashboard. So no, we 450+ owners won’t get TPMS but rest all updates will work


Any chances of increasing range in further updates. As you know many ev’s are coming with higher range and speed with low prices.


What’s TPMS?

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


But how do I activate this in my bike. My OS is updated but I did not see any major changes or TPMS there


It can only be activated once you have the sensors. It is an accessory which will be available to buy soon.


450s was a scapegoat, they tested us and now it’s a dead product to them, don’t expect any improvement from them.


Hmm… I too share your disappointment 450 getting ignored especially after all the ho(y)pes with “Ever-Improving scooter thru OTAs”. Anyway, that is a different topic.

450 deserves these model-agnostic improvements. Hoping Ather hearing it.

Otherwise, today’s 450 is tomorrow’s 450X.


Yeah 450 can also get some updates its been months maybe since 450 got its last update.

I know its already been upgraded to its max level but still like zoom in and out option in maps can also be implemented in the 450.

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Only hardware dependant features can’t be implemented.

Otherwise, if we just go thru the old posts with feature requests which were voted up by many, most of them would be feasible.

Ather 450 has enough life to take few improvements. In fact such improvements will only make it joy to use for much long.

Just compare Google Pixel 2 vs Galaxy S8. Similar hardware 5 year old. Just that Google supported it long enough makes it much better and less reasons to dump it.

Note - I m not comparing Pixel and Ather here. I m just saying tweaks and improvements to the same hardware will make the experience better for a long time.


Thats what I’m also saying basic features are still more to be given to the 450 but Ather isn’t sending any one feature upgrade to the scooter. The last which i remember is also for 4g connectivity enhancement, this also didn’t involve any feature.

Once they said the software of the 450 is fully stable. Thats the reason i said it maybe upgraded to it’s max level but still lot more features can be added.