Atherstack Atom - 10.0.2

Hey folks,

We’re rolling out an over-the-air update (version 10.0.2) to your Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus. We’ll be releasing it in batches over the next couple of days for all Ather 450X and 450 Plus owners.

Here’s what’s new in this update:

  • Series 1 UI on the dashboard for those with a Series 1 Ather 450X
  • A new splash screen for Ather 450 Plus owners

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improvements and fixes on navigation and pushing location from the app
  • Better syncing of docs uploaded on the app
  • Auto-brightness will dim the screen further at night to ensure a comfortable ride
  • And a few other bug fixes

Please take a look at this topic for instructions on installing the update: OTA and App updates. You’ll get an orange indicator on your dashboard once the update has been downloaded. Then, you can select a convenient time for it to be installed. Otherwise, it’ll get installed automatically at 3 AM.

As promised earlier, if you’ve purchased an Ather Connect Lite/Pro, we’ll be adding subscription credits prorated daily from the day you purchased the plans till 10 January 2021. These credits can be used to renew your subscription subsequently.