🚀 Atherstack 5.3 (Gen 2 and 3)

Hey folks,

We’re releasing an OTA update into early access for Gen 2 and Gen 3 450X and 450 Plus. The update is rolling out in batches and should get downloaded on your scooter over the next few days.

Here’s what’s changed:

Charging (Gen 2 and later):

  1. At Ather Grid points

    Optimized charging cut off at 80% enabled by default on Ather Grid points. With over 1000+ fast chargers across India, and over 1L scooters on road, we’ve been seeing all-time high usage at Ather Grid points. We’re bringing in one of the most requested features at Ather Grid points to reduce the wait time as a first step .

    All Gen 2 and 3 scooters will charge only upto 80% at public Ather Grid points, to ensure there’s fair usage and availability for owners looking to get a quick top up. Once a scooter hits 80%, charging will stop and the charger will unlock from the scooter to enable other owners to plug in. If you plug in a scooter with charge level above 80%, it will not charge at Ather Grid points.

Edit: Responding to some comments here about unlocking at 80% but continuing to charge, it’s a safety issue. Due to high current running from the charger to the scooter, unlocking would cause the connector to be loose, and cause unwanted arcing or sparks when pulled out.

  1. Ather Dot or portable charger

    Optimized charging at home now available to Gen 2 owners as well. Head over to settings on your dashboard, and set your scooter to stop charging at 80% automatically when charging with a portable charger or Ather Dot.

AutoHold (Gen 3 and later):

  1. Added onboarding screens for AutoHold
  2. Added AutoHold toggle in quick controls. Swipe down on the dashboard to enable/disable AutoHold on your scooter.

Bugs that were squashed:

  1. Resolution issues when zooming in on documents uploaded on the dashboard
  2. Rare occurrences of screen stuck in “Verifying update” during OTA updates
  3. Misaligned navigation pointer on the Maps screen
  4. Rare occurrences of low brightness on some scooters
  5. Other minor fixes to improve overall stability and performance of the scooter.

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I cant even see my documents on the dashboard. Not sure when will it be fixed.

Also I understand what you guys are trying to solve by limiting charging to 80% at Grid points, but its bad for people who want to do long rides with a poor charging infra. A better way to go about this would be ramping up your grid points like crazy and then limiting folks at 80%.


Let this roll out in the interim and the team play out new scenarios as practical issues arise. The CI cannot be considered as poor and is one of the biggest in India AFAIK. Expanding grid will take months and years and a software update is a much easier target to achieve.

So, would it be better for long riders not being able to charge for a couple of hours because someone is hogging the grid for 80%-100% or would it be the ability to have any scooter unlocked every 40 mins max?

City hoppers would be very few in the community too.

UPDATE: @arun.ar.1541 and @narayanankks82 who have commented below are city hoppers.


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Thank You so much Abhishek and Aravind Prasad + Team CI :white_check_mark:


Thanks @abhishek.balaji and Ather Team👍 for fixing Grid issues👍

It was suggested earlier from us to Ather Team to lock at 80%.


Unlocking at 80% makes it difficult while road tripping… I own a gen 2… which means I need a grid every 45 40-45kms in this scenario… I Guess for gen 2 it should have been 90% @abhishek.balaji


No auto theme ? :smiling_face_with_tear:


Unlocking at 80% has its benefits. Doing it as 90% will be more like doing at 100%.


Nope…It would still save 30mins…For Gen 3 customers there would be no issue think of Gen 2…


Horrible update for me. I need atleast 100km to reach home from grid but now won’t be possible at 80% lock. I think my choice with Ather proving wrong. Instead of making grids, locking the charge is worst plan I have seen. I will be soon posting my Ather in resell section and moving to different one.


Wait for some time bro!!Maybe if they start monetizing grids everything will get resolved…But until then :smiling_face_with_tear: fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2:


We hear you. But think about community. So many people suffer due this ever locking thing. This change will benefit so many people. Unfortunately it’s not working out in your case.


Carry your portable charger with you and use the 16a top socket beside the grid when no one is around to charge the scooter


One more thing should be there is Dashboard Font size be bigger as we have to focus to see time and all and chances of loosing focus from road is easy and dangerous. Previous one was too good…


I have a Dot charger. And I don’t plan on doing regular long rides tbh. So I can deal with this update. The concern was more from a general perspective.


I get your point, it makes sense. But most of North India has a poor Grid connectivity and there’s no two ways about it. (I live in Mumbai, and the charging infra here is nowhere close to that of Bangalore or Kerala).

I understand that ramping up the grid is going to take time and I am not denying the fact that Ather is already ahead when compared to its competitors (a reason why I even bought Ather), but this issue is valid. So just thought of pointing it out.


I was really hoping they will fix the Google maps orientation bug. But looks like the team decided not to prioritize it.

Does anyone face the same issue or is it only me? Like when you are in navigation mode in maps, the orientation goes crazy which makes impossible to navigate with.