Atherstack 5.10

Hey dear BETA testers please also raise the CHARGING STATUS NOTIFICATION hit and miss. The App isnt showing or notifying about it when the charging is done and all. Please raise this as well


Guys help please me out with these 2 confusions.

  1. Which vehicles are Gen 1, 2, 3, 4? I have Series 1 limited edition Ather.

  2. Will I get this 5.10 update with all features?

Series 1 is gen2 450x. I have got 5.10 update on my Series 1.Yes all above features are present on Series 1 as well

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Is it, just shows up normally on iOS about android there’s always an issue with one or another notification.

Not showing on my ios either.


I haven’t got 5.9 yet :rofl:

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5.10 is for beta testers not for regular users.

Why the have not included ESS for gen 3? Maybe there is no relay connection for stop lights? Due to which it cannot be controlled via software?

ESS was adapted on a foreign regulation hence it should have to be updated with RTO/homologation for older scooters to be legal.

yes it sounds stupid that a safety feature needs extra permissions but thats the case right now and praying Ather works something about it unlike coasting regen


Theft detection is good perhaps it would be more perfect if Manual intervention is required to turn off , Today someone moved my vehicle and I got a notification and I turned my CCTV camera view ON to see who did it , my neighbor moved it to take his vehicle out , that blinking and alarm sound only lasted 5 seconds :rofl:

Thank you.

Nope, charging complete notifications not working on iOS either

It pops on the iPad, phone not so sure of as I have blocked most notification’s

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manual disabling would be too annoying as we dont have a keyfob to turn it off remotely and app sync is messed up in parking spaces most times,scooter is moved by someone too often than a car being tampered

also my lights blink for 25 secs I hope you are being sarcastic about just 5 :joy:


Ok 15 secs but not 25 seconds :rofl: i literally counted


Hazard lights on reverse are cool and all but my scooter broke down today and I couldn’t even use hazards lol

Left indicator kept turning off due to auto indicator so ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

They should definitely implement Breakdown mode where speed is limited to 20 kph and hazards are on (to prevent chappri hazard riding)


Might be a glitch or the indicator ligth is just reflecting in the brake light panel, like mine i tested it out the brake light does not turn on its the reflection of indicator lights in my case, pls check it once more and let me know

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I will do it tommorow,felt too bright for reflection but I will make sure this time

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Optimised charging not at all working in 5.10 If we plug-in charger with 50/60+ charging state in scooter it stops at 80%. If we plug in charger with 40% of charge in scooter it stops at 50%.


You just explained the OC 2.0 :sweat_smile:. This is expected behaviour of this new charging format.