Atherstack 5.10

yeah but the issue here is, it doesn’t restart to charge again it just stops at 80 and 50 soc, you have to manually restart the charging to make it begin


I’m yet to receive an update. Anybody who filled the form but hasn’t received the update?

Ather team, since beta version has been tested out, we all found the updates to be stable and all features are working as mentioned, the common bug we found is charging stopping abruptly at 80% or 50% hope its resolved in next update , in my case i plugged it on at night at 20 soc and morning at around 6:00 its charged only to 50% and stopped.hope ur solving the issue

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I might have found a corner case, because the first charging after the update went from 30% to 31% overnight. It hasn’t happened ever since.

Does your’s happen ocassionally?


wierd,mine does for 25 secs each time

also notification worked for once

@gagankushal3 the brake light doesnt blink my bad

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Haven’t tried for second time will try today and update tmr

Same 25 sec for me , so ess is still doubt now😓

Technically ESS is very much possible. The brake lights are connected to the ECU, not the brake levers. The software does have control over it!


Optimised charging not working after update.It stays on 50% , It happened twice this week.


Except gen 4 previous gen do not have relay control connected to microcontroller for software tweaks.(break lights)

After the 10.5.10 update, Bluetooth stays connected even though my Ather was not on. I noticed it this morning after waking up that the Ather app was showing as connected. I checked my Ather, it was switched off. On turning on the key, I could see that Bluetooth was already connected. Usually it takes time to connect after turning on the key. The Blutooth got disconnected after turning off the key. I will observe tomorrow morning and update.

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Who said, so?

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For me second charge also stopped at 51 soc for overnight charge will turn off optimized and update tmr

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How do I update to latest 5.10? My 450X is still on 5.8 since delivery. I thought the updates were sent OTA.

Stable update of 5.9 is still being batch wise may be, 5.10 update were received by those who chose to be the testers and all the beta users

5.9 is junked it is not rolling out. So they testing 5.10 for stable rollout.

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I too filled the form sometime back for testing 5.10 but didnt receive any update.

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R.I.P iOS users. We don’t see that bluetooth symbol inside the Ather app. I was wondering if it is a bug. But now confirmed that Developers dont have skill to bring that on iOS.