Atherstack 5.10

Just received Ather Stack 5.10 11.5.10-202346 which was pushed out to people who have signed up on [Beta testing for Dashboard Navigation] thread

New Features/Offcial Changelog:


Introducing live traffic on the route while navigating, just as you see on your smartphone.

Our Google-powered onboard navigation now suggests 2-wheeler-specific routes for the first time on a scooter, improving navigation and ETA accuracy.

Improved location accuracy

We have improved the location accuracy by using Assisted GPS (AGPS), which will make the navigation response faster and smoother.

Note: Location-sharing permission is required

To use AGPS, the Android operating system requires you to grant location-sharing permission on HML A pop-up will appear on the screen when you use navigation. Please tap “Agree” to enable AGPS.

Fall Safe

If the scooter falls off, this feature cuts off the power supply to the motor and helps you pick it up safely. As an additional safety layer, both the indicators also start blinking, to alert fellow riders on the road.

Flashing Alerts

Theft and Tow detection will now alert the bystanders with sound alarms and blinking indicator lights, triggered by unauthorized movement of the scooter. This also works with your Park assist to indicate that the scooter is driving in reverse mode.

So far the dashboard is running really smooth but I was hoping more navigation features (grid chargers on map like in stack 5.1 or destination reached notification).Theft alert detection seems lowered than before.Optimised charging seems messed up as mentioned below in replies.Charging done notification,fall safe have’t been tested.I have heard few reports of TPMS still bit messed up.Overall big update bringing all new features from gen 4 to 3 except ESS.


I have doubts regarding the flash alerts if triggered accidentally, how should it be turned off , the owner should turn on the key or any specific time after which it turns off automatically?? @smridhi.kalati

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Did u get any prompt asking for permission as mentioned above? The AGPS thing

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So I tested the update today and it’s really good!

For starters

Wired line while navigating is fixed now when you are moving A to B with navigation wired lines don’t appear even with live traffic turned on)

Pointer addition to navigate is excellent

Overall Navigation has become smoother

Border lines in navigation while showing live traffic has become much more clear.

There was something mentioned about A-GPS Pop-up on the changelog but that was not shown while entering navigation.

Movement Detected notification is back for me. Previously it was a hit & miss situation.

Theft light & Reverse light is working Perfectly

Update took 8min


Nope maybe it’s for Gen 4 users?

What I have absorbed is we need to Key in to turn off. Not sure if it will turn off automatically after few mins. Haven’t tested it.

Any update on Optimised charging 2.0 in this to turn it off or on. 5.9 didn’t had the option as said by users

It turns of after about a minute or two.


Navigation lines look much clear and smoother performance.

Movement detection lights are working promptly but notification alert on app is gone for me.


Ride stats are not syncing after Atherstack 5.10 update

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You can turn on the vehicle and press the indicator key.


Towing and Theft detection is working. For Fall safe, I tried lying the vehicle down completely with the ignition on but it was live. I did not venture to test it as in real fall though :wink::blush:

no,am confused on how it works or missed the prompt so I will reboot and try to look for it

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Where do we need to Accept the location permission?

For me navigation started working smoothly and I was not asked for any permission access after the update


Ok i got it cleared the flashing alerts turns off within a min, thq god

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The maps are improved but not very smooth , i overloaded the map finally it restarted

Park assist with hazard lights look too good and works all fine too.


Didn’t get this pop-up appear

Got the update (5.10) yesterday night. My Observations:-

→ Movement detection lights are working but notification alert on app is still a hit or a miss.

→ I think there is a BUG. The motor starts or stays on , even if the side stand is down.


Why can’t they keep hazards light on in Park Assist FORWARD as well? Why only reverse?

In FORWARD also we are a hazard since we are only limited to 5km/h. Hazard lights should remain on in the entirety of Park Assist and definitely should have a provision to keep them on with the sidestand deployed.