Atherstack 11.5.1-10.5.1-202301 queries

I’ve been doing this only… hopefully they’ll eventually introduce an auto hold shortcut so you can engage it on the fly… maybe replace the reverse mode shortcut to auto hold

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Or maybe like ola … Hold both brakes for 3 sec to engage


Hey There! We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We have shared your concern with our team. We will get back to you soon.


There has been an issue with the Ather network from my scooter and it has been not connecting to the maps or even my app on the phone.

It happened to a quite a good number of owners. I saw that three owners replied about 1 hr ago that their network connection has come back as reported in the channel. Hope your is settled too by now. I didn’t have any issue though being in a low Jio network coverage area

I haven’t got the update yet, please push the 5.2 update for my scooter.

Email on with your scooter details/order ID and tell them this.

Got my 450x delivered yesterday. Software was on 5.1. Map was slow and lagging, but navigation was working fine. Then I installed the 5.2 update that was available. Now map became fast but navigation is totally gone.


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