Ather the family scooter Model? Codename: Diesel

Tarun has already hinted to us the upcoming family scooter is ready for display and will be bought in production. but what is it? Let’s have a discussion on what you want in that scooter or maybe the features to be carried from the current 450 model.

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Other than gate keeping features which they need to leave behind. They can carry out all from existing 450x platform.

I’ll start then better future proof would be nice Adjustable suspension Costing control 120 top speed

I’m looking for a good suspension which doesn’t give a back pain

Something in the dashboard to be upgraded to a better hardware like SOC RAM

Wider seats for better comfort

Simple rear view mirror setup

Atleast 100km range in sports mode

Brakes good as current setup

If its going to be a belt drive then the entire setup should be closed in a cover - good bye belt noises

Atleast 2 kids can sit in comfortably

Redesigned front hook

Bigger boot space maybe?

12v socket or atleast a fastcharger usb type c in the boot.

Grabrail should give some back support or protection to the rear pillion -currently there is none

Mudguard doesn’t splash

Let the list go on …


Definitely. Something plush. I also have pillions complaining about stiff uncomfortable suspension.

Also a bulkier looking wider body. Something along the lines of Burgman or Ntorq.

Wider and flatter seats for sure. Some inspiration from Ola.

The whee sound is cool - but sometimes is too loud. For a family scooter, it being quiet makes more sense.

Top speed of 90 and the current torque is ample.

Maybe ABS and bigger tires?

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I have a feeling it will be slightly longer wheelbase compared to current 450… and the design will be easily like any other Ather

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And pls make it so it’s supported by future updates… that’s the whole point of EVs

It’s not far away.

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It looks odd right but again it’s faimily scooter so idk :neutral_face:

True looks like a tvs iqube and Ather 450 had a child.

The looks comfort and ride bar style from iqube, while the motor battery pack, monoshock and key engineering from Ather 450’s


That’s so trueee infact iqube is so good no handle vibration and the suspension is so good hope this has adjustable suspension :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Launch in early 2024

Hope, one can get their hands on before the subsidy is gone.

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Any info regarding 450X update? But isn’t 450x platform old and reached end of life in development.

@abhishek.balaji @smridhi.kalati @tarun can we expect some teasers?

there should be something, as he did mention there will be a surprise for OG450 or/with 450x. maybe some new colour scheme or a clear panel. or a new SOC maybe?

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It’s said premium price tag sooo 2 to 2.5 ???

Better be 300+ in range

Not to mention it’s 2 new one is newer 450 and the other one is family wala fat scooter :smile:

I’m thinking of a maxi scooter with the sharpness of the current-gen 450 and the obvious 450 family scooter. or a long-range scooter.

Clear panels are confirmed. But I was excited about “ This new iteration is set to be the absolute pinnacle of refined performance. It will have best-in-class features that will redefine your riding experience.” this part. But we have not seen any ARAI certifications for new variant at all. So how can they launch performance focused 450x? Only UI refresh and panel/decals Changes are boring.


internal updates like dashboard improvement may not require ARAI certification. I bet that the refresh will finally get the long pending demand for upgraded SOC so they can finally compete with OLA, in terms of their crazy software.