Ather the family scooter Model? Codename: Diesel

I was talking about performance improvement to compete with 11kWh motors in Ola S1 Pro Gen2, TVS X . Which would definitely require ARAI certification. Which has not happened till now. So only underhood dashboard update and cosmetic updates. Which certainly isn’t as interesting like top speed, acceleration or range increments.

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I get it, but to upgrade motor to a peak power from 6.4kWh to better, the entire chassis has to be redone. Right now I don’t think they are into it. Maybe in future. Right now the biggest update they need is improved dashboard.

“Absolute pinnacle of refined performance“

If dashboard performance is what Tarun is talking about… :clown_face: Clown moment


True, the dashboard should never ever have got a sd212, that was the biggest mistake the product team did.

Hope they get atleast a 5G ready board with this update. And not getting stuck that " we have consumer data and they are happy with 4G."

Most cities have a killing speed in 5G I have once downloaded an entire GTA5 update of some 7GB in like 3 mins. And i hope they give the WiFi access this time as every other company (coughs OLA) is giving out.

I wonder what does he mean by a sharper design :thinking:, the current model is already way too sharp (crying in the corner with lot of finger cuts)


Wifi is much more stable than 4g in our scooter despite what they claim in previous ask us anything.

Thwee mode curtsey of wifi

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True, jio network is not that stable on-the-go. A good wifi is the best alternative.

I just wanna know one thing how is that possible??? Can get 3 not access &&&& some code ??? (Vin access)

Gen 2 and 3 are locked out, 3.1 and 4 still can access the diagnostic menu. Gen1 and 1.5 still the same method of getting into the scooter menu.

How? My friend has a 3.1, is it straightforward?

@tarun can at least now we can have some teasers. With Apex launched this might be the only thing I now care about. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure. Working on some. Too many other things were occupying airwaves until now. Give it a week.


Hah! Wrong account there


Time to give us a hint from the right account :wink:


Time to gather all the airwaves and blast it thru If the apex has a warp+ shouldn’t the family scooter have smarteco+ ??? Making something uniquely smoothhhhhh @tarun (@tarunsmehta too :joy::joy:)

Waiting for Family scooter


Tarun S Metha could be another person :grinning:

I hope not.

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Wow this was funny​:joy::joy: well done

Now we can call it code named Diesel. Because, “there’s always room for family”

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Done. No more family scooter on forums, only Diesel