Ather stack 6.0

I use park assist in Forward mode as Traction Control! There’s a STEEP slope in a parking that I have to visit often, and the entire slope is of smooth marble. Although there are steps made in between to make it rough, if I take the scooter without momentum on it, it looses traction instantly.

In park assist it glides over pretty nicely since it limits the top speed. I will try to video it and share some day.

Maybe an Offroad mode (made for private track use with a disclaimer, RTO HoMoLoGaTiOn can …) that lets you go faster but cuts power if the tyres break loose and the torque is tamed down (maybe someone else here knows better since I don’t offroad) + a cooler dashboard that can show off-road specific stats


Soooooo true I really love that so much no drifting and all smooth & strong touq


Ohh u know what they should add a feature like this U set a speed limit and it doesn’t go more then that while maintaining a really strong torque let say 10km/h or 15 max stuck in mud or somewhere unfortunate or if u carrying load and got stuck somehow


Vida is having this feature 100 profiles customizable if I’m right.


Oh damm :hushed: that’s really nice


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Yeah ive been following him , its very nice to have app on watch and widget on ios device. Dont know when to except from Ather


After reading everything, our community has so many desires and expect a lot of features to their scooter , but what about Ather will they listen and give us those features or just give some nonsense reasons to avoid it?


I wish they will add a new speedometer theme as speedometer is better then digital


New Day !! New Requests for Ather Stack 6.0 :smiling_imp:

  1. Cruise Control : Release to Cruise or Press Indicator Middle Switch to Enable CC and Give Throttle or Apply Brake to Release CC

  2. New Indicator Sounds Please (Personal Request)

  3. Bring Back - OG Smart Eco Power Bar

  4. Warp+ with 90 KpH Top Speed

  5. Match Updates for IPL, Small Pop Ups :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Personal Request)

  6. Bring Back Real Time Efficiency on Display

  7. Customization Widget, If Possible

  8. Fall Safe 2.0 - After Fall, Disabling Fall Safe Then Show Some Emergency Contact Details

  9. Side Stand - While Throttling or Riding, If Side Stand Disengage Vehicle Still Riding and Throttle is On. I am not Comparing But Ultraviolette have Feature When Riding Side Stand means Motor will cut off very Next Sec. Please Improve this

  10. Pop Up for a Group Ride Plans on Display (Personal Request to Develop Local Community)

  11. Password Protection to Access Incognito Mode, I have few Incidents with Others using Incognito while Using my Scooter - Ex. I dropped for Service and SC Peopl turned on Incognito and Used Vehicle for while then Opened Job Card :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This happened Long Back, When We had Location details on App Ride Log :thinking:


except widgets I expect nothing from Ather in terms of software as they havent even given labs features that they are working on for a year forget requesting something

fall safe 2 and weather updates might happen as Ather was searching for a free forecast provider

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Whatever comes on my Mind I register here bro

Atleast Not on this 450 Platform

If They take point and Give in future Models

It will be really Helpful

Thats Why I am doing this :green_heart:

Nah Bro , Its not really Required on our Scooter since we have Phone apo for that

bruh you said match updates :skull: weather makes far more sense if its gonna rain in next hour

phone can do everything yet we have a 7 inch display might as well make it work as phone rather than reaching for it in pocket :clown_face:


People have had issues with Ather side stand sensor. A workaround was to place a magnet near the sensor (or something, I don’t exactly remember) and continue riding, even if it shows side stand is down. As soon as you stop, it would turn the scooter off.

If they implement it as you say, then having a broken sensor is as good as having a bricked scooter

Will try and search for a source of my workaround but it was a while ago, when researching for purchase

Edit: either way, this was discussed before here

A more useful function would be to restart scooter when killswitch is engaged and disengaged when riding. So that accidental killswitch doesn’t require to completely stop and again start


Maybe Useful for People who don’t ride in Rain

Match Pop ups i mentioned as Personal Request

Finally Ather faild to understand customer praspectives. Thats why Ather market positation falling down month by month even they first mover in this industri

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Ather really boomed because of OG 450 Customers

I really Inspire them a lot and Their Word of Mouth made Company to the Level Today :green_heart:

Ather boomed everywhere it was available to buy within 100km radius,it started to doom when service network didnt expand and people realised what nightmare service camps are and its cost


Yeah Brother, But My Place has 2 SCs and One is Giving Free Service Camp

Also The Place supported by Our Customer @vishnucnr

Other SC Charge 500 Something

I agree you point

Have been asking this for such a long time and it’s not even a feature request it’s basic safety. Even the UV can do it easily how hard is it to implement this.