Ather stack 6.0

Hi guys, what can we expect from the next major update of Ather stack “6.0”. Suggest your ideas in this thread. Concept UI designs are welcomed.


Whatsapp notification, call reply option and bug fix for map are expected…


I dont expect UI overhaul at all in next community day event if its even happening after Apex launch.Atherstack 5 bug fixes were happening through this whole year so I dont think Ather will spend another year with broken experince as simple features like more themes or Ather labs features which they think are possible are taking months to implement


Battery Widgets on iOS and Android


Can we expect CallControls, WhatsAppConnect and Advance ride report ?


6.0 should be making the UI simple. The simplest so its not hard on the processor. But loaded. Like Traffic updates. Some level of battery info like temps and voltage to be shown in separate window. More ever some refreshing design maybe?


They are working on overhauling U.I to optimise it for scooter’s with joystick.

  1. Bluetooth Fix

  2. More Features on Maps

  3. Option to Use Old UI vs New One

  4. Hazard Light Switch on Screen (While Hault Unlimited Blinkings & While Riding 10 Blinks Limited)

  5. Charging Wallet : Balance on Display

  6. Trip Planner on Display

  7. Like Shutdown,We want Scooter Restart Option

  8. Like Old Times Changing Modes on Screen Option

  9. Warp :zap: Symbol needs a Come Back !!

  10. 3 Nos of Trip Meters


Adaptive cruise control :sweat_smile:


please ellaborate how is the scooter gonna do the “adaptive” part with a software update :skull:


Recently found this guy on Twitter who has modified the iOS app with cool features and personalization. Would love to see such additions in the official Ather app.


Secret radar unlocked which can do this thing :joy::sweat_smile:

Maybe Release Throttle to Activate Cruise Control

Utilising full potential of iOS like live activity notifications while charging, widget to show charge status and analytics. And i know the following is not possible but still “fully optimised linux based OS” :joy:


And watches too please! WatchOS and WearOS

I wish we could have automated reverse (back).

can you elaborate more on how it should work? seem interesting

No, I don’t get it :face_with_peeking_eye:

We have seen it in other OEM How crucial it went with Reverse Assist (like it going 100 KPH in Reverse Exltc)

Park Assist supposed to be Handled by Us :face_in_clouds::sweat_smile:

So true could be an out of the box idea may come in family scooter…

One feature I would like to have in family scooter is if u have tried the park assist u know it gets controlled creeping without going zooooomm And if u do that in normal mode it just cuts the power after it’s not moving

Now imagine that it automatically engaged while stuck in some situations