Ather Space Mumbai - Moving to Malad and Thane

Hey folks,

Due to operational reasons, we are moving out from our location in Bandra on 31st May (service center remains active). Instead, we’re setting up two more experience centres in Mumbai - One in Thane on 15th June, followed up by Malad on 30th June.

You can now find us at:

Ather Space Thane, Shop No. 3, Mansarovar Building, Almeda Road opp. Thane, Panch Pakhdi, Thane West, Mumbai 400601

Ather Space Malad, Shakti Premises, New Link Road, Near Inorbit Mall, opp. Cloud Nine Hospital, Malad West, Mumbai 400064

Ather service center Bandra, Sindhfull Restaurant, Haji Mansion, 5th Road, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Maharashtra 400052

If you have any other questions, you can call us on [+91 80955 55440](tel:+91 80955 55440)


Can you please ensure that the Ather grid in Bandra experience centre is moved to the service centre in Khar?? Pleaseee. The grid is Bandra is veryyy essential. :blush: Happy for the new experience centres. Excited about a new one in Thane again.


Well I am happ with news of Ather space moving from Bandra to malad. This will help me with the nearest grid opposite to cloud 9 hospitals malad. As I stay in malad too but the grids near by are quite far like 7 to 9 kms away.

Well this makes me sad & happy at the same time.

Sad because I bought my 450X from Bandra, also having a showroom in Bandra has its own charm of buying a premium product from a premium place.

Happy as Malad is close to my house, but that area is completely opposite of Bandra. :joy::joy:


Deliveries in Mumbai will resume after Space reopens?


Hi , Just want to get update whether deliveries are happening in Mumbai as Bandra showroom is closed now


I got call from Ather as bandra showroom has closed where do i want my delivery from,I said thane cause its opened and functioning and close to Ulhasnagar Ather space so orders are well separated in that area(aka chance of getting the scooter earlier)


Hi Dewang , Thanks for your update. I pre booked online not in showroom. Waiting for call from Ather. can i know when you pre booked ?

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I’ve heard from a fellow owner who has booked and awaiting delivery, that the deliveries would be done from the newly opened Ather EC Thane.


Same was the case with me. I had pre-booked from the Bandra experience centre in February this year.

I got an email from Ather that the order Id has been transferred to Thane and will get the delivery from Thane. I have made the final payments and awaiting delivery.

For your information, If you wish to wait longer you can opt for the delivery from the Malad outlet which is yet to open later this month.

Hope this helps.

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preordered online too,I live 100kms away from new showrooms.Booked on April 8th

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I visited bandra showroom in may and they said delivery will be from thane but still got option to choose on call.Also now that you have made payment can you tell me on which stage would I get the option to choose custom number?

cause i have heard once payment is done they take care of everything to assure delivery within 20 days

You should specify this to the dealership before they register your scooter. Ideally after you make full payment, let them know you want to get your own custom registration number.

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To my knowledge, If you have a choice number, you will have to inform the Ather team during the payment process. The team will make note of the same.

Having said that, the Choice number can cost you around 4000 rupees (+/- depending on RTO and the number). Also, the RTO procedure has to be taken care of by the buyer. Ather team will need a receipt from RTO mentioning the Number that you have opted for.

It is better if you choose the random number option, that way you will save both, time and money.

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thanks for the info,the number is special for me if it costs under 5k and doesn’t add much effort in delivery process then only i will try to get


It’s 30th June. The Malad Space is still not open. Your support folks on the phone are clueless and have 0 knowledge on the ETA. All I hear is “I understand your concern”.

Can we please have an update on this? I an tired of waiting for the delivery. @abhishek.balaji

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I took the delivery of my 450X from Thane yesterday. From what I heard is that the Malad experience centre will be opening in the next 10 to 15 days.

Few more days brother and your Ather should be ready to go on an adventure with you.


Thanks for the update bro. May I know when did you pre order your Ather?

Back in February this year.

The Ather Service Center in Bandra seems to be closed and I am not able to get in touch with any personnel from the Service Center. Can I know if the service center has been moved to a different location too ?