Ather Space Mumbai - Moving to Malad and Thane

Service Center has same location - Khar. [Ather Service Khar](Ather Service Centre Mumbai

Ather Showroom on linking Rd closed, we have a new one operational at Thane and another one coming up at Malad.

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Hi, When is the expected date to start the Malad Ather

Hello Saurabh,

It’s under construction as we speak.

It should be ready by month end I guess.

Month end? Who told you?

No one told me. As I said, “I guess”.

It was supposed to be operational by June 30, as quoted by Abhishek, But the work there never even started till July.

Work there now seems to be in full fledge.

So hopefully by month end, it should be ready.:crossed_fingers:

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I had a word with the Ather Support on call on 30th June. They promised that the experience will be operational “ before 15th July “ .

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So I happened to pass by the New Ather Showroom at Malad, Mumbai and going by the looks of it, it’s gonna go till August.


Are the existing pre orders getting upgraded to 3rd gen automatically? I saw a couple of folks saying they got an email confirmation regarding this. But I haven’t.

Cc: @abhishek.balaji

The current orders will be upgraded to Gen 3. Contact CC to confirm this over email.

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Just had a word with CC. They said there is no availability of 450 X. And for 3rd gen, there is a difference amount of around 12k that will have to be paid.

So, if you have to go by their word, this is basically Ather saying: Pay for the upgrade or Good Bye (it doesn’t matter when you pre-booked).

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When Ather space at malad is going to be operational?

Hopefully August…


Hi brother, how much is the expected waiting period in Mumbai Any rough idea?

Thane showroom person said it will be around 3-4 months.

Why you have given both contact number same same? Please provide another number cause the workers block when we call them

Went to the inauguration of the Ather Space Malad with @sabharwal.abhay @kavink21 @jhaverinator.

Pretty cool space with 2 new Ather Grid 2.0 . Sharing some pictures from that day. Ofcourse we had to flex with our limited edition Series 1 :laughing:


Hi community, New Ather experience centre opened at Andheri (I have booked my vehicle there). A service centre is also going to be opened in Andheri. Andheri showroom has 4 grids.


Hey Siddharth, welcome to the Ather Community! Congratulations on your booking, hopefully you’ll have your hands on your flight soonish!

I had recently been to the Andheri EC, and spotted 2 Grids outside the EC, not sure where are the other 2 you are talking about?

Hi actually you are right, what I meant to say was 4 Ather can be charged. 2 grid = 4 points.

Ah, you mean the plug points on the Grid including? Only one vehicle can charge at a time, so either you can charge via the Grid plug, OR the 3 point plug. Both don’t work simultaneously.

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