Ather scooter sound and fan

Hey folks

I searched information on how exactly Ather scooter makes the sound it makes. I didn’t get information on this. If there is information anywhere you can club it with that thread. Thanks.

  1. Does motor in Ather makes sound? If yes what are the dB levels?
  2. Sound what we hear, is it designed by ather? And why this sound was finalised. Ofcourse i love it. I am just curious to know the spectrum as i am an audiologist.
  3. Do we have loudspeakers in scooter? If yes how many? In future can we tweek the ather sound?
  4. How many fans are there in 450 x? I hear noise from dashboard also when i start vehicle parked under direct sunlight for an hour.
  5. Ather team or experienced riders. Can you please list down what all possible parts on Ather 450X frim which noise could be generated. Long shot. Still.

If another rider ask me from where the sound is coming for 450X , i am confused.

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Bro l think sound is coming from belt and motor. both of them create the sound bro…

My suggestion is please give service bro, once you do pressure wash the belt the sound will be reduced bro. after that if still the sound is coming, some fault with motor and fan bro…

Sound Major fault is belt bro clean the dust particle the noise will be reduced…

Ok but first are u testing the Bluetooth feature in 450x if yes please tell us how does it work iam just curious to know about it

  1. The sound wheeeee which u hear will come from the motor the motor only makes that sound

  2. I don’t know is it designed by ather or just it is the motor sound I also want to know about this

  3. I think there is no loudspeakers like that but ather team will make the indicator sound and the staring sound which u get while u turn on the motor that noises they make more or less through updates currently they made all sounds little low

  4. There are 2 fans one to cool the dashboard ( it has like sensors in it. It knows when to turn the fan on and when to switch it off that I why it’s known as a smart scooter not only this it is very very smart but I can’t list it down because it will be lengthy I think) one more fan it is near the motor it turns on while speed is above 49 and turns off when the speed is below 41 or 42 exactly I don’t know if u r riding in a low noise area u can hear it if u drive it little hard the fan gets turned on at the speed 15kmph and turns off at 10kmph or 11 I think and one more is the charger fan which u get in the dot it turns on when u charge the scooter and turns off when the vehicle is fully charged


No no noo… there is no problem, it is the sound which vehicle makes no need to give to service and u need not worry about the wheee sound because every ather sounds like that only It is not a problem it is the sound which the motor makes

The fans in vehicle work based on temperature, there are sensors to monitor temperatures in the vehicle. If temperature increases then fans turnon they are not dependent on speed.

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It has sensors for the dashboard I think the fan near motor works based on speed u can check it if u ride in a cool condition also the fan will turn on at above 49kmph It is mandatory designed like that u can check

I really wish there was no sound though… It’s much better that way, especially in quiet places. This was one big reason why I wanted an electric. The noise was a disappoitment for me :frowning:

I hoped for a way to remove it completely, or at least reduce it. But this seems non-possible. If someone knows how to, please please post. Thanks!


So that means, no loudspeaker in the scooter right?

Yes bro there is no louds speak in the Scooter it’s a belt drive noise bro there is no solution bro to avoid sounds that type belt ather fixed … In revolt rv 400 it’s Fully running belt drive there no noise coming that electric bike especially why Ather come this irrating noise on driving :thinking::thinking:


No. There are no loudspeakers nor any artifical sounds, other that the usual indicator and start up chimes.

This is a high RPM brushless electric motor which is driving the rear wheel through a reduction gear and belt drive. The sound that you here is typical of such type of motor and there is a bit of sound from the drivetrain (belt and pulleys) but that’s just a minor sound compared to the motor.

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I think when we can tolerate the noisy bullets, KTM etc., we can certainly tolerate the WHEEEEEEE of Ather.


I agree. I don’t like the sound either. But the wheeee sound is cool but the high pitch sound it reminds me of Activa. :grinning:

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Hub motors give much less sound than belt drive. But the setup has its own drawbacks that makes the ather sound ok. Best of both worlds?

Yeah the wheee sound is like satisfying

So there are mixed opinions on the origin of Ather sound.

@abhishek.balaji any inputs from your side? I am curious to know what exactly makes that sound. Is it really combination of motor and belt drive?

I am actually surprised by lot of opinions regarding sound in Ather.

Some say they want artificial sound while vehicle is moving slow, and some say they hate the sound and it is too loud as EVs are expected to be silent.

Personally I feel the sound from ather is not at all an issue considering all these days we loved our ICE counter parts which are way too louder than Ather.

Also I personally beleive any vehicle should not be too silent because, in INDIA most of the vehicles (2W) have their rear view mirrors removed and if our vehicle is silent then you know what happens.

I used bounce EVs for quite some time and mostly I hd to be so consious because people dont know that some vehicle is coming and they just chage their vehicle direction.

People don’t give a damn when they can hear something coming behind and if they don’t know something is coming.??

Also I feel the sound from Ather adds a character to it which I like about it.


That problem shouldn’t be fixed by sounds. It should be fixed by educating drivers 🤦🤦 people just dont use their mirrors. And lane discipline is a myth in india 🤦. But once there are just EVs on the road. It would be something everyone will get used to.

Lane discipline exists in some places, that most people think we have to ride on the white line

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Yep, there’s no sound we’re playing through speakers.

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see don’t consider about these kind of contents because if we travel in aircraft means will u consider the props sound?without prop it wont fly right so its a fan purpose to generate noise which wont irritate us