Ather One Subscription plans

A new name, good old plans & revised prices

Time to forget the hassles, again.

Hey folks,

The Ather One subscription plans offer perks like Roadside assistance, Doorstep pickup and drop, Home charging reimbursements, Fast charging at Ather Grid and all the connected & smart features. We’re glad that many of you’ve had a delightful experience owning the Ather 450, thanks to the Ather subscription plans.

As announced earlier, we had extended the subscription for all owners till 30 June 2020. We believe that the extended period of usage and the recently introduced monthly ride log should help you assess and opt for the right plan while renewing.

Please note that we have a minor price revision on the pricing for Ather One Service and Ather One 360 effective 1 July 2020.

Here are the prices (excl 18% GST):

Plan Benefits Cost
Ather One Connect On-board navigation, features enabled by connectivity, Monthly ride log, New features and improvements through OTA updates Rs. 3000/year
Ather One Charge Ather One Connect + Unlimited fast charging at Ather Grid locations Rs. 6000/year
Ather One Service Ather One Connect + Periodic maintenance & service assistance at your doorstep, 24x7 roadside assistance in case of emergencies Rs. 7200/year
Ather One 360 Ather One Service + Home charging reimbursements, Unlimited fast charging at Ather Grid locations Rs. 11,400/year

Things to note:

  • These plans aren’t mandatory and you could pay as you go for your service and charging needs.
  • Ather One or Ather Service remain complimentary for a year from the date of your vehicle delivery or June 30, 2020, whichever comes later.
  • If your subscription is up for renewal from July 1, 2020, we’ll send you an email soon about the renewal.
  • All plans will be billed annually

Hey folks!

We’ve shared an update on the some minor pricing change to Ather One Plans. Do check out the information in the post below:

@abhishek.balaji Why is there no option apart from Annual billing? Suppose i exchange my 450 with the new 450x, will there be a refund of remaining subscription or adjusted for the new purchase?


Hi Team,

Is there any reason for this price hikes? Not expecting the same explanation which I got for the portable charger price increase. You breakdown plans by monthly but not allowing customer to pay monthly ? Looks like you need to reconsider this ?

Another one, I upgraded my Ather Service (Complimentary plan) to Ather One. For past 3 months I have not even started my scooter. So I feel the subscription plans are forced to be paid for an year ?


The way Ather is increasing prices for everything, maintaining Ather will be more than a petrol bike, almost 12K plus annually, quite expensive, also we are forced to buy for 12 months at one shot. Not Happy now.

For Pay as you go services Ather should publish the service charges like 5K maintenance service charge and other charges etc.


This is disappointing , I took delivery on 15th feb 2019 , An year later I dint receive any notification about the subscription renewal , I followed up with customer care on 20th Feb 2020 about AtherOne renewal , the customer care team told me they will send a payment link for the Ather One subscription renewal , received the link and made the payment of 9,912 ₹ got an email confirmation of the payment and one day later received a notification saying “Your Ather One is being extended for free until 30th June, 2020” , And today I receive am email about the price revision/ increase without any explanation backing the increase . If the revision was planned, then why did they ask for the payment to be done 4 months prior to the revision .

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Need Clarification

My ATHER ONE plan is expiring Dec-2020 …

What will happening in my case…?!!

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New plan you should buy @900 per month plus gst.which u have to pay for full year if you want to buy the ather one (ather 360 new name ) plan.

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Ather started looting customers in the name of subscription… kind of monopoly cannot get Service from outside we have to go ather for all problems. What is the point of taking electric scooters if we are paying 950 + tax every month. And we need to replace battery which is costly again. What kind of savings we are doing by buying this. Please stop hike there is no reason. You have to think about all type customers. community owners can you speak on this and take this to management


@abhishek.balaji We all feel that increasing cost is hurting custormers badly. Please think about it once again before rolling out to everyone. Or maybe you can have different plans who are taking scooter from Bounce platform. I had also read in FAQs for Ather 450 that prices for subscription is fixed and will not be increased in near future but i guess 2 years is not near future. There would be many customers like me who had done lot of calculation before buying it as we want to cut down cost of travel even by compromising on estimated range. If it gets same as petrol vehicle by increasing the cost then I doubt custormer will think many times now before buying it. I understand almost every business is going into losses due to COVID-19, but there should be other ways to sustain it rather increasing subscription plans and portable charger. Kindly think on it and raise this concerns with management. I hope they understand and rolling back it would be best option which will make all of happy once again.


Ideally maintenance of cost Ather has increased when we compared with ICE vehicle maintenance cost after 1 year.

3rd year will be more (Adding : Degrade in Range and opt in replacement cost of battery)

No where, We cannot beat ICE vehicles maintenance cost after 1st year.

It was known flaw, You need to pay from second year. Kindly please include Monthly, Quartly and Year renewal plans.

Monthly ride log purpose is to analyze and to opt in or opt out any plans but don’t lock us to stick to one plan annually.


For the Ather one plan I already paid extra amt as per old subscription procedure and it’s validity is dec2019 to dec2020…

Yes its valid till dec 2020 after that if u want to continue its 950 per month not 900 for same benefits as your current ather one plan

I completely agree with you on this and is not making any sense for me to pay so much of amount upfront… from my usage of average 5k kms per year even in don’t think I need to spend so much amount for my Unicorn even on 7th year of usage!!


For people who has less usage the taking plan could end up being same or more that the amount you pay for your petrol bike.

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Last year around same time, when Ather introduced the subscriptions, there was backlash in forum and the meet-up sessions on cost and lack of flexibility. But, Ather took constructive feedback and made the plans better by splitting it into Connect, Charge, Service and One. Also choice to choose Quarterly and Annual.

Many including me and seniors like Rajesh wished the basic plan to be around 1500 / year. We even justified how Ather can and should make the basic plan cheaper. But, that did not happen and it remained at 3000 / year.

In subsequent meet-up sessions, there was specific questions (even I had asked personally) about whether Ather plans to increase the subscription cost next year.

I very much remember answer from Ather team including Tarun that there is no plan to increase the price. After few years, the price will increase in-rate with inflation. Fair enough. We reasonably believed this cost will remain for next subscription at least. But, no single owner from that period would have got that cost of renewal.

Now, this July almost all existing owners will be renewing the plan and subscription cost has been increased. No option to choose Quarterly billing. No extra benefit.

I feel disappointed. The increase may be nominal. But, you went back on your words. Simply, a broken promise.


I agree with you and I must say they do a great job as a corporate that has aced at manufacturing a great scooter, smooth talking (borderline hoodwinking) and walking the path Uber did (look where it is now after some years).

They have decided to kill the EV segment slowly and steadily starting with EV owners with quarterly increase in cost for some or the other thing.

We are made to look like fools for choosing EV over ICE.

I’m unsure if they lack clarity in planning, estimation or their cost or it is simply their way of doing business. Be it any of this, I am stuck with this piece of EV for next 2 years (lease customer) and now I don’t want to deal with Ather any longer.

Used ICE scooter/bike servers better; I know for sure how much I need to spend and there is nobody controlling how I use the vehicle and how much I spend.

To sum it up, Ather seemed like a promising EV company that actually cared about customers but only to realise it was just a facade.


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These are quite misleading, update the prices / year and also the gst amount in total as plans are billed on yearly basis.


= 950 * 12 months + 18% gst = 950 * 12 * 1.18 = 13,452 Rs


Addressing all the queries below:

What is the reason for the price increase?

The price increase is a reflection of how much it costs us to deliver the promised experience in all the Ather One plans. The older plans were priced based on estimates, and we’ve revised prices based on the actual costs incurred for providing these services over the last year.

Why is there no option apart from annual billing?

The Ather One plans are designed to give you a hassle-free experience of owning an Ather 450. The billing will be done on an annual basis since services like periodic maintenance require that you’re on a longer term plan. Further, there are costs associated with connectivity and related services such as bandwidth cost, data pipeline and storage, and software development costs that are calculated on an annual basis rather than monthly. You can choose to start off with any plan and upgrade, but currently downgrading a plan is not possible.

What happens if I upgrade to the Ather 450X?

We’ll announce more details about the exchange plan soon, but it would be similar to if you’re selling your Ather 450 to anyone. The subscription is linked to the vehicle, so you’ll list the vehicle for sale as vehicle + X remaining months of subscription.

With this increase, maintaining an Ather will be more expensive than a petrol bike, and we are forced to buy for 12 months

Not at all, if you’re considering Ather One 360, it offers significant value for the price, and it is one single payment that you make for services throughout the year. Plus, as in the earlier plan, Ather One 360 has charging reimbursements when charging at home or using the portable charger.

We’re sure that over the course of your ownership, you would have had a strong sense of your usage and maintenance requirements, and you can choose a plan based on that.

What is the pay as you go rate?

We’ll announce this shortly.

Is the price increase because of COVID-19? Why are customers bearing the brunt due to this?

The price increase has no relation to COVID. We had announced a while back that we’d be revising the plans. While we understand there’s distress due to COVID, as a business it is important for us to avoid and reduce losses to continue providing the same great experience.

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Really not happy with above answers, let’s say a person hardly uses the vehicle for 5 to 10 Kms, it is a great loss for them, because we don’t know what will break when in Ather so we will end up buying plans with service facility and end up paying almost 10K plus annually, I am personally regretting buying Ather, now I will cancel 450x and look up to sale this 450 also, good i didn’t sell suzuki access, that is much value for money, 3 services in a year costing not more than 600 each. Thank you Ather