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Has this been rolled out yet ? it doesnt appear on my iOS.


Use this Link to opt in, we should be rolling out on the app store in a few days


I have the latest app. But on iOS it’s not showing up.

Tried uninstalling and installing even logging out and logging in did not work.


Can you confirm the app version you’re on? Head to the Ather App > Settings > version number would be under the Ather logo at the bottom left of your screen.


@abhishek.balaji I have installed the beta and I am using for my 450. I find the savings feature interesting. Please clarify against what is savings calculated. Is it against an ICE scooter? Is it calculated against the fuel price and electricity charges at a particular location?


Leaving testflight beta and joining again worked for me


This worked and got the app version 5.1.0 which earlier was 4.1.0



Finally got the latest beta to test the labs feature and scooter decided to stop syncing. Something breaks all the time and makes the subscription worth zero, at least for me :exploding_head:


I think the savings should also be integrated to each ride card


Maybe a monthly savings tab on the UI would also be useful - kms clocked and fuel saved per month - more so since, most of us are used to looking at expenses in monthly and annual perspectives rather than Total Saved So far (though that can stay too)


For the savings tracker - the fuel cost as well as electricity cost is very location dependent as well as source dependent (for instance solar electricity will reduce your input cost and increase savings further). Can that feature allow users to upload values so that tracker calculates values for them?

Need the Trip Planner to roll out soon so that longer intra city and potential intercity rides can be planned. Users currently rely on apps like PlugShare or Kazam that have this feature


Considering this is beta feature, Ather should have opened it for all connect subscribers.

Not just Pro

Basically Ather wants feedback to know it’s worth to go live with an app. Then why limit it to a small %

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Trying to trick the curious non subscribers into paying up for a sneak peek.


Interesting point.

Quick background: Ather Labs itself is not a beta feature but a more permanent sandbox for us to try out new ideas quickly with folks willing to experiment. Hopefully this can help fix two things:

  1. a more structural issue in our SW development where the dev cycle was slowed down because of it trying to move like HW where mistakes are very costly.
  2. limit experiments to folks who explicitly are okay with something beta. The majority owners would want to limit their interaction with features that are reasonably stable (and rightfully so) but there are several early adopters who would want to experiment more and engage with us in giving feedback. Labs is being built with the relevant mechanisms to capture feedback rapidly and potentially even engage with owners during the dev cycles. For example, the trip planner feature already has 300+ feedbacks.

We considered opening it for all connect customers but today we intend to limit features rolling out of this to only connect pro users. This could lead to a very confusing experience for many where they get into the beta via Ather labs, use the feature for a few months, see the feature being promoted to a more permanent feature (and hence out of Labs), and lose access to it. There have been several instances recently where we accidentally enabled pro for some customers and when that was rectified they were quite upset. The # of calls to clarify what happened is not funny :slight_smile:

Not just on the app, but there might be some features that actually enable a different vehicle dashboard exp also (some fun features in the pipeline this CY). In which case we run the risk of people being pissed off even more because several owners are not comfortable yet with losing access to something on the vehicle.

On the other hand this does make us think that not only for Labs but in general for Connect pro we don’t have a way for people to check out the features w/o paying. Maybe a small teaser period could help with this?


Ather should ask for avg electricity cost from each user and then calculate the savings. I think ather can also calculate actual electricity cost of each trip.


When the beta app goes LIVE, Lite customers will lose access. That would be understood by most people. If some are still having confusion, you can make it bold & clear in the beta sign-up page for the app.

Overall, Ather should be making any Beta app to be open for All → as long as they agree for Beta Signup T&C.


How do I get to install beta version on the scooter? Am new so can some one guide how this beta works or install it?


Using the beta app 5.0.0, when opening the setting operion in the app, the app for closes and there is allways a taost message as no vehicle associated found as well


What’s the formula used to calculate the savings. Or at least share the parameters being considered for calculation.