Ather in Kolkata

@abhishek.balaji Any update on test rides for us? Dealer network?

Still no updates :’(


Few things you should note down abt Bengal

  1. Kolkata is one of the top 5 most developed cities of India and can be easily compared to Delhi or Mumbai.
  2. Asansol, Durgapur (My Hometown) , Howrah and Siliguri, these are enough developed and can be easily compared to many other cities of India. To be exact they more developed than the cities of Allahabad, Bhopal, Guwahati, Kanpur, Patna or Varanasi.
  3. Alipurduar, Bardhaman, CoochBehar, Darjeeling, Kalyani and Kharagpur. These cities are small yet developed. They are more developed than most NE cities (except Guwahati)


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Ask your question or for any update regarding deliveries in Kolkata to customer care. You will get the answer or at least some hint. You can ask on twitter also. But you will get nothing here.

Any knowledge about launch date of Kolkata

Probably within next week, Ather will declare the dealer details. Test rides will be opened in the second week of Jan. Delivery in February. Source: Conversation of Umesh da with CC today

Looks like Kolkata has been SOON-ZONED. :frowning_face:

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:frowning_face: hit a few roadblocks, but resharing the revised timelines for everyone:

@abhishek.balaji. When the Update soon message for kolkata will take how many days more?

Can you please update Test ride date and dealer name along with ather grid installation location.

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@abhishek.balaji Please update regarding test ride and other details for Kolkata. 10 days gone after the earlier update. We are almost at the end of December. :slight_smile:

Yea no updates till now. New Year is almost here :’(

Hello Everyone ! Ather Experience centre is coming up in AJC Bose Road. Test rides will begin next month and you will get your deliveries in February .


Wow. Thank you Srikantji. So how can we get the delivery of vehicle through experience center or dealer ?

Yes Sir ! We are setting up an experience centre along with a retail partner. Test drivers, purchase, deliveries etc , everything will be facilitated from there.


Nice to see an update in Sunday. It’s big surprise to me. Eagerly awaiting smooth delivery at kolkata.

Hey @Kolkata

Sharing some developments regarding operations starting in Kolkata.

  • Our retail partner in Kolkata is PGL Ramji Group, and the experience center will be located at Chitrakoot building, AJC Bose Road
  • The work on the experience center has just started and we’ll let you know when it’ll be up and running
  • Currently, we expect test rides, full payments, and deliveries to begin in February.

@abhishek.balaji: Could you please confirm if your quoted post implies that the Series 1 will not be available in Kolkata ? That will be immensely heartbreaking.

Nope, the Jan 15 deadline is only for the cities mentioned in the post. Series 1 will be available in Kolkata at launch for those who are eligible.

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We have created a Telegram group for Kolkata owners as many here expressed to move away from WApp. Join using the link below.