Ather grid requirement on highways

Hi ather team I like to know is there any plans for highway charging example grids between Bangalore and Salem, Bangalore and Mysore, Bangalore and Chennai, Bangalore and ananthapur if grids like this exists it will be very helpful what ather team thinks?


As far as I know, based on Tarun’s interviews Ather has no plans as of now for highway infrastructure for charging. Their main concentration is in cities and mainly increasing the grid in the cities where ather exists.

And in my opinion once Ather expands its market to more and more cities and towns highway infrastructure might not be an issue. Rather ather should or has to work on developing fast charging to portable chargers at least even as an accessory. So that those who has the need shall buy.

If fast portable chargers are available then highway stations are not an issue. There is a lot of awareness created these days around EV 2Ws and many petrol pumps and shops are providing charging facilities.(this is my opinion).


would make a nice one day trip to mysore for a lot of ather owners in bengaluru.
@tarun If only an intercity grid point(Fast charging) could be done :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: it would cut almost 3 hours each way. That’s more travel time than most 1000+ crore expressways can cut down on :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now a days demand for petrol and diesel are gradually reducing. Once we Indian Railways shift to electric locos then these oil companies have to look for alternate ways. Hence Ather can contact the petrol bunks on highways and even in cities to install charging stations by working out the formalities. Ather may be looking this aspect, just I said my opinion.

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Right, Just one point midway is what we all need. But, I could already foresee a long queue on weekends :smiley:

One point would never work. Would need something like Tesla’s super chargers on highways in the US. With atleast 5-6 stalls, If not more. I guess ather will do it, but all in good time I suppose. Mumbai and Pune linked up would also definitely help a ton of people.
Between Bangalore and mysore just makes sense. The gradient isn’t a lot. And one location in the middle would suffice. But I think the ideal way to do it is 2-3 locations on the way with 2-3 stalls each. Don’t know how ather will go about it, if they ever do…

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Haha… Who would say No to more.

Ather should do one and gauge the demand. In fact, that’s new customers in tier 2 towns between Mysore and Bangalore

Maybe, the solution is, an ather experience centre in Maddur/ Mandya :joy: we get our grid point. They get more sales.


So far, 3 visits to Electronic City grid. Every time, one or security guards will ask about price, charging time, public charging cost etc…

Why no grid in this region !? Magadi Road post summanahalli is totally ignored. Kindly put one charging station near each nice road toll plaza.


The scaling of grids in city is already behind the schedule. I think that is partially because they wanted to wait until upgraded fast chargers are available to deploy. In the last 1 year, the pandemic did not help in their business proposition with the hosts.

But, after the tie-up with Sangeeta Mobiles they have much more options to deploy than 1 year back

Initial years, Whenever we asked about Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, they will always ask us back show us location. Now, they have two Sangeeta Mobiles but no sign. :smiley:

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This is from Hyderabad my location. I stay far but nothing near to me. The nearest one is more than 20kms

Need charging grid between Bangalore and Mysuru and any highways for that matter