Ather grid requirement on highways

Hi ather team I like to know is there any plans for highway charging example grids between Bangalore and Salem, Bangalore and Mysore, Bangalore and Chennai, Bangalore and ananthapur if grids like this exists it will be very helpful what ather team thinks?

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As far as I know, based on Tarun’s interviews Ather has no plans as of now for highway infrastructure for charging. Their main concentration is in cities and mainly increasing the grid in the cities where ather exists.

And in my opinion once Ather expands its market to more and more cities and towns highway infrastructure might not be an issue. Rather ather should or has to work on developing fast charging to portable chargers at least even as an accessory. So that those who has the need shall buy.

If fast portable chargers are available then highway stations are not an issue. There is a lot of awareness created these days around EV 2Ws and many petrol pumps and shops are providing charging facilities.(this is my opinion).