Ather Grid Points In Pune

Hi Abhishek @abhishek.balaji it’s been three months since launch of Ather in Pune, but grid location are still very limited comparing to the size of city. Since launch there are only seven grid points in the city. Please can you update us regarding the status of grid points coming up in the city. Below are the areas where we require charging points.


  1. Sinhagad road - Near MC Donald
  2. Kalyani Nagar - Near Big Cinemas or Koregaon Park
  3. Satara road - Near City Pride theater
  4. Hadapsar - Near Magarpatta - (Seasons mall or Amanora)
  5. Baner - Near Mahableshwar hotel or Subway
  6. Camp - MG road or East Street
  7. Nagar Road - Phoenix mall
  8. Kharadi - IT hub
  9. Pashan Bandhan Road - Cafe Peter - Subway


  1. Akurdi - Star Bazaar
  2. Chinchwad - Central Mall or Empire Estate or Premier Plaza
  3. Phugewadi / Dapodi - Unlimited Store
  4. Wakad - (near Sayaji Hotel near by the highway)
  5. Hinjewadi - (Kalyan Bhel)
  6. Dange Chowk - (Hotel Rosewood)
  7. Ravet - (Blue Water hotel - Nearby BRT)


  1. one or two grids at Lonavala
  2. Wagholi
  3. Kharadi
  4. Chakan
  5. Punawale
  6. Bavdhan
  7. Bopdev
  8. Lavasa - Farmstead
  9. Talawade
  10. Dehu Road

Please let us know if you require any help regarding the same.

Please lookinto this.



Long pending question. I think we were going to get 13-14 grids before deliveries begin. Don’t know what their timeline is. Even on tweeter I didn’t get any reply for the same question. At some places chargers are installed a month back, but still not activated.


@solartech.pune @abhishek.balaji Just got the news that PMC has committed to set up 50 charging stations in the city for EVs with a budget of 50 lakhs. Maybe Ather can co-ordinate with them to set up the charging grid?

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And also the status of existing chargers which are not yet activated i.e.status of kalyan bhel charger etc.


Today I went for a quick charge at Kalyan Khel but unfortunately it had issues and my bike was not charging, thank god I had enough range to reach home. The nearest grid available was 7.4 km away if it also doesnt work then it is a major problem. Areas like Viman nagar, gangadham, wanowrie and camp are prime locations , even after more than 2 momths after owning the bike there are just 9 charging stations and the nearest ones are always occupied or are not functional even if sometimes they show green on the app. The basic purpose of the grid is to provide emergency fast charging to the bikes if Ather cannot do this it can not address the range anxiety.

Also many charging stations have some other bikes parked in front of the grid and it is troublesome to move the bikes and charge your vehicle, all stations have just one point, some locations like the eat and repeat restaurant at JM road requires multiple points as they are always occupied. The charging station at Ather Space itself is always unavailabe.

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Hi @abhishek.balaji

Any updates on the grid points? Yesterday there was a situation in Pune, where out of 9 grid points, 7 points were busy.

Please look into this Thanks

All the time when ever I visited ather charging point near Warje and Aundh is off. Is there any plan for new charging points in Pune

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@abhishek.balaji how long will this continue there are literally no chargers available even though there sufficient points either increase the uptime/reliability or increase the number of chargers

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Bro my suggestion is please charge your vechical at home don’t believe ather grid bro some time not working ,

I agree but what to do in case of emergency when vehicle battery is extremely low .its like facility is there only no means to use it

@abhishek.balaji @tarun

I went to Aundh, Pune today & went to Subway where there is Ather Grid located.

I was surprised to see & experience a very very poor charging. Usually a grid charges the scooter to 100% in an hour ( Bliss Bakery Salunkhe vihar ) but this grid at Aundh subway took almost 3 hours to charge only to 49% from 11%.

Kindly look into it and solve the issue at this grid as i would like to use it very often as its near my work place.

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@abhishek.balaji why is it that grids are frequently shut down /offline for a long time please provide necessary person to talk in case of grid failure more than 2 weeks since all grids are down leaving us to no option other then home charging

  1. The forum is not an official support channel. Call support or raise a ticket through the app.

  2. Please clearly mention the city, state.


@abhishek.balaji Any update when does Pune get more Ather grids?


Just diacovered new charging grid point near dahanukar colony opp. Vanadevi mandir. behind Chandani Park restobar, in parking of Co-Hive coworking space.


There’s a new Ather Grid coming up at Subway, Sahakarnagar. Will be operational in a week is what the person installing it told me.


The Ather Grid at Aundh Subway does not charge fast.

There is an issue which has not been solved since ages.

@thakur.ketan - Kindly get it escalated.

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Raise a help request using the Ather Quick Help through Ather App regarding the Ather Grid issue. That’s the right channel to post complaints. It will result in proper tracking and resolution. Thanks!

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I’ve been using this grid so often lately, and haven’t found an issue yet! Yes you just need to plug it in tightly.

@thakur.ketan is not an Ather employee, he is a moderator, who moderates the posts on forum.