Ather Grid in Goa

The google maps used in Ather look so vintage. Also it would be great to see a wider area covered under the grid before launching a bike in any state. The State of Goa has no charging points in south Goa,east or coastal areas. Some points along the highway would encourage more to opt for Ather since there are other options with removable batteries. With a young population in this tourism state ATHER NEEDS TO LOOK AT COVERING

North to south of Goa with the Grid Bikers may want to ride from KARNATAKA TO GOA.

  1. More charging points
  2. Better Google maps(updated)
  3. Map feature in RIDE STATS.

Should not be much of an issue for the IT team to look into.


Don’t know about the status of Grids in Goa, but as long as long as you are talking about the Grid within city limits or something, Ather will set up Grid. Since Ather is made as a city scooter, Highway grids are a long shot but since in bigger Cities like Mumbai and a new grid in Bengaluru for Nandi Hills trip, it maybe installed. Maybe Grid 2.0 on the lines for that? However it will be pretty interesting to see how the Grid plan is done for Goa.


Goa is unique - given that northern most large town (Pernem) to southern most large town (Palolem) is about 100km. Similarly, east west is about 70 km. The state is like a large city.

If fast charging is available strategically (like 5 largest towns: Panajim, Madgaon, Marmugao, Mapusa, Ponda) it would be a boon for residents and tourists.


@abhishek.balaji Any idea what will be the cost of charging Ather bike at Ather Grid in Goa after the free charging window closes?

17th September 2021 showroom was inaugurated in Goa. How many charging points are planned across the state of Goa before the 17th November 2021.

For the customers who own Ather bike in south Goa or eastern region of Goa, it becomes a challenge with no Ather Gird presence.

Goa is just a small state as big as a city… But with high capita income and young population… Ather will not want to miss the advantage of arriving early in Goa with a smart E bike


The free charging window has been extended continuously by Ather so far. It’s 3 years since Ather vehicles are on Bengaluru roads. Free charging at grid was only supposed to be for one year but it’s continuously getting extended. Enjoy while it lasts. In one of the open houses, i remember them saying that grid charging comprises 5% only. 95% of the times home chargers are used. Hence they are able to continue providing free charging at grids.


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