Ather Grid in Bangalore

Hello! Could Ather please set up grid points in and around Christ University, Dairy Circle. There are atleast 6-8 Athers and many more Electric Two wheelers that I’ve seen in the university and the nearest Ather Grid from there is atleast 4km away. I don’t know if you’ll be able to set up a grid point inside the university but somewhere nearby will also be great!.


Yeah, a grid point in that area would be good. I thought there would be atleast one charger there considering Ather’s main office is right next door in IBC!

It would be good if they can set one up in either IBC or Forum mall or even somewhere on the Nimhans Road. Would be quite useful!


Here is another situation where the grid at a popular restaurant Copa Cabana in Pune is present and functional but its not showing in Ather App… since a month now !


oh wow. I thought they removed it. Long way to go for Ather in terms of software.

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Same thing happened to me yesterday. The grid point at IBC Knowledge Park wasn’t displaying on the App. It was there when I went there though.

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Wait, There is a grid point at IBC? I didn’t see anything when I went to take my delivery a couple of months ago. And someone else on the forum was also asking about that area just two weeks ago.

Is this a new addition or has it been there always?

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I’m not sure whether it was there when I took delivery (January 2022) but it was showing on the app about a month ago and then it disappeared. When I went again day before yesterday, it was there. It’s near the new delivery space there

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Dear team, From HSR Layout to Sarjapur not having any Ather Grid in the main road, requesting you to place the Ather Grid Between Bellandur signal to Sarjapur in the main road, Already many Ather Bikes running on this road please make a survey and install it asap

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Ather has quietly added three grid points in that area. There’s one on the ORR, another in HSR layout and another on the Harlur road. Great to see new ones in this area.

Good job Ather :+1:

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