Ather Grid Blockage - Almond House SD Road Hyderabad


Hi Everyone,

Most of the ather users are facing blockage issues at Ather Grid, Almond House SD Road Hyderabad because of only 1 bike charging at that ather grid daily morning and evening.

  • The Bike Registration Number is TS 09 FR 2543.
  • Contact Person - Sudhir Mod note : Removed personal contact info

Ather grids are public charging points which are used for emergency purposes, so that who are running out of charge to reach their home or destination can use it. But this bike owner is using grid as their personal charger and creating obstacles for other Ather users regularly.

Every weekend I have to travel to my wife’s home which is 40 Kms from my home I will go there Saturday/Sunday, shutdown the vehicle to save battery(as I have to reach grid back which is 20 kms far) and come back to home next day evening. I either need to charge my ather once at least while onward or returning as I have pillion rider and some luggage to carry with me and cannot get sufficient range. Whenever I am out of charge and go to that ather grid there will be blockage by them and when we see their charge status it will be around 85% and we need to wait for half an hour to reach 100% charge on their bike to auto unlock as they will leave bike for charge and go home.

Today, I had an argument with them(2 Ladies) to ask why they are blocking daily and they are replying that they will not remove the charge until its 100% as her husband is an electrical expert and he told them not to remove until its 100% charge otherwise battery will be gone. They are arguing we even won’t remove charge to our phones until its 100% then how we will remove bike charging if it is not 100%.

Second lady with her says, ather has provided grids for charging then we will definitely make use of them as provision is available and also we already paid for charging at Ather grids while purchasing bike. The 1st lady with her says, no its free don’t say like “we paid amount”.

We said its a public point for using in emergency purposes only, and they argue that at their home or office it is taking 8 hours to charge the bike it seems for them, once they plug they should not remove until it is 100% so they are straight away using the grid point for their daily usage as it will charge bike in 1 hour. We said it wont take 8 hours for full charge, for me it is taking 3.5 hours to full charge vehicle but they are not accepting that.

1st lady says her husband will have night shift and her sister(2nd lady who uses vehicle) is having day shift so they both are using the bike hence they are using the grid point in morning and evening for fully charging the vehicle as their home is 5 minutes away from grid. Arguing with those is like hell and they are only saying we even don’t remove our Iphone charger until its 100% and their intention is purely to let others know they have iphone. :joy: :joy: :joy:

They say they are going to purchase new electric car and they are in process of taking new electric meter for EV, so until then they will use grid for charging.

Also, I tried to say charging daily as fast charging will ruin your battery but they are in impression that they don’t care.

Previous Incident :- I went to grid for charging my vehicle, this lady kept charging and went away before I reach there, their bike was charging and it is at 85% and I need to travel more 15Kms to reach my home with only 10 KMs of range with me. The grid charging is very slow after 88 to 90% and I need to wait for half an hour to automatically unlock the charger of her once it reaches 100% on that day to charge my vehicle for 10 minutes.

In my travel route only having 2 grids one is Almond House, 2nd is DSL Virtue mall. I even went to DSL virtue mall and there the grid is not working for past 20 days and cannot rely on that as we don’t know when it works and when it wont work. If we plug the charger, it shows fast charging and charge 1% in 1 minute and after that it wont charge the bike even if we wait for half an hour. So came to almond house for charging. Still DSL Virtue Mall grid problem is not resolved by Ather and we are depending on Almond house grid, this grid seems to be personal charger for one user.

Ather we kindly request you to take immediate action on this or at least unlock the charger at 75% or 80% charge if it is fast charging as this will reduce these kind of problems with these type of people who uses free chargers for their daily use when they are designed for emergency purposes. It also wont effect other users as most of them will use grids for emergency purpose or if they are going for a long ride only.

Kindly request you to take up this matter and provide us better resolution.


I know the owner.He is in the telegram group ,I heard him saying he charges only at the grid as he thinks that it gives extra range ,I told him that it’s not true and charging at home also gives you the same range as the battery capacity is same and the only difference is the charging time,I’ll intimate him about this and your allegation is true as he himself told us about this in the group.


Thanks pratheek for updating him. Because of this kind of blockage by them, you know I even pushed my bike to home for 1Km. Also, it is not good for their bike as well by fast charging it on daily basis as the battery will have lesser life.

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I think Ather should consider SOS option. If anyone is in urgent need to charge by contacting customer care they should help with unlocking option. Anyway ather should also consider to charge extra fee if vechile is unattended even after 100% charge.


I don’t think anyone in Hyderabad haven’t seen this famous Series 1 bike standing at grids without an owner.


Yes Young lady.

We have iPhone 12Pro Max 512GB iPhone XS 256GB Apple Watch Series 5 iPad Air 16GB iPad Pro 256GB Kids iPhones iPhone 6S iPhone 5S

Personally an android Vivo V17Pro using for particular kids School Online Class S App

Fuel Vehicles CBZ Xtreme TVS Jupiter Tata Zest Automatic(got accident) Nissan Patrol 7Seater

Also our EVs portfolio: Ather 450X PURE EV ePluto 7G TATA Nexon EV

In future definitely I will buy an i8 BMW convertible

Are you more happy now​:joy::joy::joy:

I will answer more to your questions but not these paragraphs.

Kindly shorten your questions one by :point_up:

My personal details:

Sudhir Yash 9550621530(only WhatsApp & Telegram)

Sudhir, let’s clarify some myths.

  • Charging to 100% all the times does not help the battery last longer.

  • Frequent usage of the fast charger will degrade your batteries faster. There is a reason why Ather provides a slower charger - It is to maintain battery chemistry so it lasts longer.

As for using the charger. We are a community of owners and the Grid chargers are meant for all owners to use. The general guideline is to top up until 80% and unlock the charger for other owners to use. This is because, once the battery reaches 80% it no longer fast charges.

If you require continuous usage, then invest in a portable charger so you can charge while at office. This will not only allow the battery to retain its chemistry for longer life, it also frees up fast chargers for folks who really need it.


Grid chargers are no longer fast chargers once they reach 80% Since 1C is the maximum charge condition of a cell, This is the Basic chemistry of Li-ion cells, Being a good samaritan is also helps this community grow.

This is always a problem in grid charging solution, @tarun and @abhishek.balaji Have you guys even considered unlocking the chargers at 80% since there aren’t many chargers available for time being, once there are many chargers available we can go back to 100%


wow, aren’t you quite the spendthrift?

Why don’t you buy yourself a personal DC fast charging station then? It’ll be useful for all your EV’s. Also, it only costs a lakh or so. If you have plans to buy a BMW i8, you’ll need a personal fast-charging station mate. Surely selling two i-phones could buy one DC fast-charging station.

Also, you can brag about having a personal DC charging station in your ‘portfolio’. We’re all looking forward to your brags and pics of installation.


Hello Mr.Electrical Engineer,

Who wants which Products you are using, if you want me to give the list of apple products i am using I can provide.

Its not about arguing or fighting, the discussion here is about blockage of Grids. The grid is common for all the users and its a common property for all the ather users. Everyone has right to charge at ather grid.

If everyone thinks like you, then in a day only 12 to 15 people can charge at single grid. What if a person who is running out of battery and in urgent need of charge.


I vouch for this. Why not unlock when reach 80%, if someone is in real need atleast other Vechile already has 80% charge. Can be good suggestion.


Definitely. I’ve already applied for an electric :zap: Dedicated connection. Yet to receive it.

Maybe you will sell your phones and personals to buy any new item, but I won’t.

Definitely I will provide all installation pics and video in the Plug-in India group. Be a member to read along with the entire India :india:

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Ms. Young lady (Or) Mrs. Super women geetashalinip,

It is you started argument with my wife and in this forum. My wife gave an example of an iPhone :iphone:as it’s the best and expensive in comparison with Ather also best and expensive in this range. This is the expensive EV scooter :motor_scooter: in India similar to iPhone. Not to show off.

My wife gave her number to you upfront if anyone face any difficulty immediately she will come and resolve then and there. But you published that number in this group. Do have a dare to publish your personal information in this group. But you did this to others.

This message is from my wife:


I gave my number to you that if any emergency for you to charge, I will come and remove the bike for you to Charge. Ok.

If you have guts, talk to me directly on iPhone discussion or any other discussions. Don’t make fun in groups. Nowadays no one cares who got iPhone and who got China Phone. You are a kid 19years teenager mind set

I’m Female/34+ Yoga Teacher with 2kids International level.

You scared of me. Don’t worry. Be cool. Still I’m ready to defend your silly discussions.”

Back to Sudhir:

We are always happy to find a solution or helping others in a polite manner. If they start making fun of us, we will definitely defend it.

Even we are happy if @Arun Mehta unlocks this SoC @80%

Moreover we educated many standing/queuing owners that after reaching :100:% that Charger automatically unlocks.

From then afterwards many owners didn’t get any issues.

Do you know nearby available chargers online or offline status in Ather App. And also in Grid App. You better check before leaving for any grid.

Don’t worry. The day Ather starts charging money, such idiots will be gone. And yes, Ather should start charging money now & that too on time & kW based together. :blush:


Mod note: please keep the discussions respectful. No personal attacks please!

Read the Forum rules for more details:

No one is making fun of other persons here in groups, this is the problem facing by 8 to 9 ather users who is using the grid as far as I know. There may be more persons who are not in whatsapp group facing the similar issues with your bike.

I have started the discussion here to let ather knows what’s happening at ather grids because of blocking the grids on daily basis.

Please ask your wife before posting here, she gave your number (its not her number) to contact you and that’s the reason I have posted here as so many who are from hyderabad and not in whatsapp group can have your contact details if there is any issue with your bike.

If it is your wife number I might not have shared because, we have a decency and won’t share girls/ladies numbers to unknown persons.

Also, please check that the same number you have also replied to my post for contacting you. No one is scared of you and I repeat we are here not to fight or argue with each other. We are discussing here only to resolve the issues.


We can argue all day and no solution can be provided , no one needs to be afraid of any other human being , just like we share the resources on this planet we tend to share the Ather grid among respected owners , the owner has shared his number the next person who wants to contact can use his number to call him/her to disconnect the charger for next user.

But we all can please refrain from other things. Lighter note: with new cities all the new owners will experience this sort of issues now .


I agree. Our intention was never to fight. We have been having discussions about your vehicle for over a month in the group. We didn’t just show up here to degrade you or your wife. Several members from the community even tried explaining it to you that you can’t just hog the grid all the time, but to no avail.

The grid is primarily for people who are in need of a quick top up to reach their destination where they can full charge. I’m sure there are a lot of average users who are not in the group nor on the forum who haven’t gotten a clue about the situation nor your number to get in touch with you to ask you to move the vehicle.

Like any public utility, it belongs to all of us as a community. Hope you can respect that and help others use the charging station. There might be a genuine urgency for someone to get a quick top up and they don’t have the time to wait for you to come move your vehicle.


Definitelyw @rajkumar.mishra2010 bro. Then we can pay what ever it charged and no one will talk nonsense in these groups. They are bullying us.

They want any solution, think in a resolution manner. Not to argue and waste valuable time of ours

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I have always felt that FC shouldn’t be located within the city. It should be strategically placed so that its not close to anybody’s house. Hence, it should be mostly located on highways or roads connecting to highways. Ather grid can be a great marketing tool within the cities as it creates good curiosity among passers by. But in terms of practicality, they don’t make sense. We should encourage (somewhat force) people to charge at home. I don’t know why don’t companies/ aspirants just copy paste Tesla’s approach. “Khud ka deemag lagana jaroori nahi hai har cheez main…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:” Look at xpeng they just copy paste mostly (except lidar) & they are doing pretty good.

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