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Hi My journey to owning an ather has been a very bad experience from wrong information relayed to delayed delivery and others. I am still awaiting my RC card which was first told would be home delivery, then told it would reach Ather offices and the was told it would reach my home address again.

And then the issues still continue. I wanted to avail of the fast charge at Ather grid point at Infinite, Indiranagar which showed as green on the grid app. After I reach the place, the grid is not switched on. There is no one there to tell us what is wrong with the grid. Your customer care said it is greyed out meaning there is a service issue with the grid. See screenshots where customer care statement is contradictory.

Who is going to address this issue!

I have told this time and again, when my case was escalated to service head, Gautami that in my experience when one thing goes wrong with a product or service, everything goes wrong.

In my case it is purely the incapacity, negligence, miscommunication and no inclination to provide help rather follow mundane steps of what is being taught as process to customer care executive, from Ather on every step of the way.

Process are handbook to a goal not the absolute ink and Bible. If Indiranagar RTO takes time but Bannerghatta doesn’t create a business case to resolve why Indiranagar rto takes time. If delivery has to be done only from Bannerghatta office, build a solution to deliver it to customer home.

There are so many approach to resolve an issue rather than saying this is the process and we cannot do anything.

Please resolve the grid issue. In my case I had atleast a partial charge on my bike and it was test scenario. What if my bike was out of charge and the I reach the grid only to find it not working? Do you expect that I push my bike all the way home?? Coz there is not another grid nearby!!!


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Hi same issue I’m facing in Chennai grid if I’m charge my Scooter grid was not working . So I’m trying to call customer care line is going on but no response. No one attend my calls…