Ather Grid 2.0 is taking off!

Ather Grid 2.0 is taking off

Within a few years, the Ather Grid network has become one of the largest charging infrastructure networks for Electric 2 Wheelers in India today. Installed at restaurants, cafes, malls, and other convenient locations, Ather Grid points allow for a quick top up of your Ather scooter, and other EVs as well.

Here’s your sneek peek into the next generation of Ather Grid points, enjoy! Ather Grid 2.0 brings in an all new look, with a ton of improvements under the hood.

Ather Grid 2.0 is designed to redefine the future of public mobility by creating a discoverable, approachable and scalable charging experience. The new chargers integrate the distribution box as well, making the installation easier and cleaner. With fewer moving parts, the new chargers are faster and easier to manufacture, which means that we’d be able to install a lot more chargers across the country

Installations of Ather Grid point 2.0 have started in Bangalore, with lots more planned across the country. If you spot one in your area, let us know what you think!


Any updates?

I’m yet to come across anyone reporting seeing the newer charge grid, apart from the one showcased in the announcement.


Plz installed Ather grid 2.0 in pune and increase public charging point. when go for changing there is 2 to 3 EV wating so thinking about it .


May be due to global supply issues, the roll out of Fast grids has been so slow lately. Besides, existing grids getting disappeared is kinda annoying. I mean who does that? Remove existing grids? Sigh :pensive:


There are various reasons so as to why a Grid can disappear/be removed. A lot of times the Grid goes does for numerous reasons and is temporarily removed, while being serviced/if the maintenance timeline might take a while.

Most of the Grids are hosted by different entities/businesses, which at any point, for whatever reason be shut down/moved to another location. In such cases, the new owners may/may not accept/agree to be a Ather Grid host, and eventually the Grid will have to be moved/removed.

Grid points can not be considered permanent and changes should be expected, due to unforseen situations.


And hence there is something called as “communication” or even adding a status in the app as “under maintenance, out of order, etc…”


What will be the changing time for new grid 2.0


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1st 2.0 installed in Chennai - Mylapore, more to come soon.


where is it in Mylapore, looks like they have not been updated in Maps yet

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CADD Center Mylapore, it will take sometime to reflect in app. Grid is live and i used it. Try it out.


I went out there today, its set up in the back side of the building, anyone trying to locate may sometime find it hard, apart from that even in grid 2.0 the charge speed remains the same for 450s, you have a 450x what where your charge speed?

Here are some photos

The cover does not disable charge which it did in previous model

Emergency stop and model number on the right side of the charger


What cover? I didn’t understand properly. Did you mean the 5 A socket cover?


Didn’t the Grid get disabled when the front cover of the charger is lifted up? The cover which usually has a 16/6a socket behind. I heard this in forum somewhere, I actually never used it.


In old grids and new one in both when you lift the cover the green color light will become red color. When our Ather is charging if we lift the cap it doesn’t turn red nor stop the charging of the vehicle. It just doesn’t respond or work when an Ather is charging.


Can you provide mail on which we can mail to Ather for demanding more Ather grids and complaining about faulty grids :100:

4 Likes Here you go. You cannot demand Ather to set new grids but if you know any place like restaurants, cafe, mall, etc. Where a grid can be set up without any issues. More importantly it should provide good parking space. If you know any public places who are willing to allow charging infrastructure you can contact above mail This mail is to report any issues such as faulty grids, vehicle issues, charging issues. Anything related to the vehicle can be reported to this mail


I am already an Ather grid host at my place btw :grinning:


Which grid?


In Jaipur …