Ather Floor Mat Review

I am no expert when it comes to scooter floor mats but considering most reviewed floor mat on Amazon is for Ather theres surely market for this

The official mat is on a bit pricey side when compared to market alternatives but material feels really good and don’t think it will develop cracks later,it blends in with floor board quite well and is very easy to clean with a normal rinse (must have for people working near sand/mud or construction sites)

Finish is really good and its twice thicker than cheaper ones,it doesn’t have any grooves on bottom to hold it in place which might bother few in rains but if it was like 0.4cm bigger on all sides it would fit perfectly

I know the color doesn’t match my white 450x but as this Mat is provided to me by Ather I didnt want to bother them about it :grimacing:


But it is not secured like how floor mats are for Suzuki Access 125.

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Yes it’s not screwed one. You need to be care full, anyone can flick your floor mat when parked in a public place.


Looks good

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Simple solution dont clean it :rofl:

UPDATE: mat slips and slides alot now,groves on bottom are a must

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That’s sooooo true coz of that mat I fell it’s on me ik but if it was fixed in place I won’t have fallen down :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Maybe try sticking it with one of those Grip Tapes?


Can anyone just take it and put in on another Ather ?

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:joy::joy::joy: thays soo very true

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yah theres nothing holding it to floor like a screw it just sits there

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Bro! I just recognised you as one of your old YouTube videos got suggested to me! I used to watch you on YouTube a lot :slight_smile: Great to recall and see you here :stuck_out_tongue:

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I purchased that floor mat from service centre but after 2-3 days of use Someone stole my floor mat.


I said the same thing earlier as it is easy to steal.

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They should have implemented same thing which Suzuki have done for Access 125 which is hard to steal.


More than Stealing, Its mandatory to Screw that Mat for Better Grip

Or else Mat itself become a Reason for Minor Accident or Something

For the Safety Concerns, Ather need to Consider this Request :handshake:


Hence always buy cheap floor mats.

I met with a accident dude to floor mat while riding I have a habit to keep my legs back cuz u know legs touch the Handel bar so when moving my legs back to normal position the mat came out while trying to catch the mat with my legs ended up losing balance nar ooof nide little fall

I have applied 2 thick rolls of double stick tape

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Very Sad,Just said About this

Hope They find a Solution for this

Especially for seniors bruh no kidding