Ather Floor Mat in-depth review (with Accident performance)

The Floor Mat was provided by Ather for usage review, they had no editorial inputs.

The release of the official Ather accessories have piqued my interest. Although the floor mat seems like an insignificant addition, I have seen many Athers on-road equipped with mats, ranging from cheap and ugly colorful ones to ones with grass-y textures. I didn’t understand how a mat could enhance the experience of the scooter, but when I got a call from Ather in August saying they would be providing their Floor Mat for an experience review on the Forum, I could realize what using one would be like.


Like the other reviews on the Forum, I didn’t have a choice in picking which Floor Mat I would receive. The variant I got seemingly goes well with the Space Grey 450X’s design. I’m not sure if the one @dewangpatil111 received in his review would be drastically better. My color seems to be better suited for the bright colors too.

It seems to be built really well, having a substantial weight and in-hand feel seems even better than my OEM car mat, lol.

My only gripe with the design would be it doesn’t seem to extend far enough to cover sides of the floorboard, where people have complained of paint wearing off. Also, they have mentioned in the FAQ that the mat doesn’t extend back towards the pillion footrest as “the thin side sections flap or move around while riding”, which seems fair enough.

The mat isn’t bolted to the floor board like some other mats, Ather says it is to facilitate “quick & easy cleaning”. It can be easily stolen, which I have been always worried about when parking!


Attached are some pictures of the floormat, from Day 1 usage to after approximately 400-500 kms of usage through dusty areas:

The pieces of paper in the floorboard is the manufacturing details sticker below the mat shredding apart after sliding around. Recommend removing it before usage :stuck_out_tongue: but it does leave a sticky residue (that should help stop the mat moving? 3000IQ move by Ather)

The mat seems to get dirty easily. As long as it’s easy to clean, shouldn’t matter, right?


Seems like the statement “Washes off all the dirt with a rinse, making maintenance a breeze” on their store page wasn’t really an accurate statement, unless you use a pressure washer :stuck_out_tongue:

Brushing off the dirt seemed to be the only way to get it proper clean. Shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes but oh well. A final rinse and you’re good to go.

Accident Performance

Finally, coming to the elephant in the title… I unfortunately had the displeasure of testing the mat’s performance in a road collision. An a*hole XUV driver using his phone while driving in traffic made a sudden stop in broad daylight (I can’t even remember, it was a pretty bad collision). I had no time to spare and had to rear-end the vehicle. Oof.

The moments before an accident are crucial, especially the involuntary movements you make to prepare for damage. I had to plant my foot on the floorboard and weight on the handlebar to use my front brakes more. Grip on the floorboard was very necessary, and the Floor Mat didn’t disappoint too badly.

The mat did slide and fold on itself, but that was after the collision. Prior to the impact, it was able to provide enough grip. Well, I live to see another day. Not sure if the mat made a difference, but I remember my feet sliding around even when riding normally on the naked floorboard.

:sob: Here’s the damage caused to my whee:

Tough luck, knowing how I could have been on the road earlier or later and not had to deal with that a*hole. There was no way I could have avoided the collision. Knocked the breath out of me, and apart from a few contusions, I’m okay.

From past experience, I know the cost of repair would be really high. I might just add some stickers and swallow the hurt to my ego.

Vehicle seems mechanically okay, which is impressive seeing the severity of the collision and how the weight of the whole impact was probably on the front wheel/suspension. Makes you happy it is not a monoshock *cough*

The incident makes you realize how gate-keeping of safety features can be dangerous. Features like ESS must be made backwards compatible. I was really worried about being rear-ended during the impact, which would have been much worse than the front end collision on a two-wheeler.

Also, the Ather BodyGuard would not have helped in this case, and according to Ather, third party guard-rails could have caused even more damage. There is no way to prevent damages to your panels, and the cost is really high for some plastic/fiber panels. The vehicle had another fall some months back, and the bill total was over Rs 11500/-!


The Floor Mat is built to the same standards Ather has set - Good quality, practical, and you won’t have regrets after buying it. The price is on the higher side (Rs 599/-), but you can spend a small part of the money you saved on Petrol on the Whee itself.

As the mat isn’t fixed to the scooter, the only worry is losing that 599/- one day to some random person. The mat does slide around sometimes when riding, although I think it is usable and I didn’t have too many issues with that. If you’ve got money burning in your wallet, and spend enough time with your ride, you can consider the mat as a treat to yourself.

I have done over almost 9000 kms on my Whee in 11 months. I have been meaning to check out the official accessories even before getting the review sample. The process of procuring the Floor Mat has been a lengthy one, and I haven’t got my BodyGuard due to unavailability of stock at my SC. I don’t think the BodyGuard would be worth it now after already getting scratches randomly from parking ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I thank Sulfiya from Ather Customer Care for getting the floor mat process going, and @smridhi.kalati for checking in during the floor mat procurement process. I think it was @abhishek.balaji who initially called me in August? I’m unsure, but the person spoke really well :laughing:


Well written!

Good review! I’m going to get one after my current one gets bad (It’s the generic one from Amazon, but does the job).

And good to know the damage from the accident was only limited to body panels, ride safe :slight_smile:

I met something really unfortunate after seeing all the reviews I bought it this is my biggest regrets so far while placing my foot back it floor mate cam up and I suddenly lost my balance and fell thank God nothing major just some minor pain thanks to my thick pants :joy:

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I really think they should stick it towards the ends and I wouldn’t have fell down…

Oof. I guess I underestimated the sliding of the mat. I’m pretty tall and keep my leg usually at 90° angles to the floor. That normal force increases friction I guess, but once you keep your leg at an angle, the grip of the mat starts to go away.

On longer rides when the older seat design gives butt aches, I tend to slide my feet and posture back. That’s when I have noticed the mat being very flimsy and terrible.


That’s true just be careful I have removed my Mat and I seriously don’t wanna experience that accident ever again. Again am not blaming Ather for my accident. Just if they could have done a little more R&D for this slipping away I could have avoided my accident. What’s done is done. What did we learn @abishek.balaji and @smridhi.kalati could look into this and maybe find a way to stick the ends of new Floor mats in coming future so PPL don’t experience what I did