Ather dot is mandatory?

Can we buy portable charger than taking ather dot. While booking the vehicle.

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You should be getting a choice on the website while making the full payment. To be on the safe side though, call the EC and/or customer support ahead and convey your request. Ather has always given a choice between the two so far.

I don’t recall seeing a choice on my payment form. Does someoe have a screenshot of the same?

I remember seeing other members posting screenshots with their choice of charger when Series 1 was rolling out in Nov /Dec. Not sure if something has changed recently.

I ordered my S1 mid January. The portable charger was displayed as a 10K add on. There was no choice.

I see. Unsure about the portal then. But the portable is an option.

@abhishek.balaji when making payments with the 450,we had a choice between the two on the payment portal. Isn’t that the case with the X? If not, why not…?

When I purchased my 450, this wasn’t a choice either, because the portable charger was still not fully ready yet. I had to get one a few months later.

I’m absolutely positive this wasn’t an either / or option with the X either. The Dot charger was bundled without a choice. I was actually looking to get just the portable charger and skipping the fixed charger, but I couldn’t.

If there indeed is an option, I’d like to trade in my Dot charger and have the money I paid for the Portable this morning refunded.

I don’t know but dot is a default option if we want a portable charger instead we have to write to the CS that is the case with my previous 450 purchase too.

That is why there are few who are getting confused.


How would a guy filling out the order form know about this? It makes no sense whatsoever.

There needs to be a clearly defined choice, or at least a one liner or a link on the form itself.

I was able to make the choice online with the 450 (July 2019). the portable was in stock then. But can’t remember if the option was greyed out or left on when not in stock (the website did indicate ‘out of stock’ if it wasn’t available).

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When I took my delivery in mid Jan, the sales team said that I could choose Dot or Portable but they strongly advocated Dot.

Did they elaborate why?

They said that since the portable is carried around, the owners may not take care of it well. It has a high chance of getting damaged fast. Unless you have a pressing need, they suggested not to go for it.

Hmm. Doesn’t make much sense. The Dot charger is basically a Portable in a different shell. All other specs are identical, and further, while you cannot share the Dot with other scooters without asking CC to map it with each of the scooters you want to charge, the Portable can be used freely on any scooter.

You can simply hang or secure the Portable brick wherever you want and it is the exact same thing as a Dot.

Agree with you. Didn’t give lot of thought at that time, since I had a covered secure parking and my daily needs did not involve too much riding, I went ahead with with Dot.

I feel that airy form factor of Dot at least helps in heat dissipation better than the portable charger.

When I made payment bfor Series 1 back in November I had option to select either DOT or Portable.

I needed both so I chose DOT on order page and made immediate additional payment for portable charger.

But their online is never synched to their offline - on the delivery floor employees. They had no idea that I had ordered both even though I had been continuously reminding their CS team as well as the person who took appointment for delivery. When I showed them my online transaction they tried give me any available PC to me and that got stuck in my vehicle and the vehicle went to permanent sleep mode with key not working. The delivery folks were performing CPR on my vehicle on my delivery day in front of me. Desperately man handling the stuck connector to somehow remove it from the port as it (PC) was actually meant for another customer and that customer was waiting for it to take it and leave. My delivery was much worse than you. where I witnessed the the scratches happening on my series 1 when an unprofessional delivery executive nicked my vehicle to the adjacent in front of me and behaved as if nothing happened.

CEO was busy reading first time Media ads on Ather while I had to witness the abuse on my vehicle!

Read below.

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The Portable also has vents for heat dissipation, the the internal brick is mounted on a solid aluminum plate, which I guess works as a heat spreader. There are very few differences between Dot and Portable, and they are purely cosmetic:

  1. The plastic enclosures around the brick are different, obviously
  2. The Dot has a pigtail connecting to a LED mounted on the plastic enclosure while th Portable has a built in LED.
  3. The Dot has some sort of a plate with a hole screwed onto the fan (which makes no sense whatsoever), while the Portable has a proper grill in the same place to protect the fan blades.

That’s it. Even the length of the input and output cable is identical.

I made the payment from EC and on that time itself i have requested for the PC instead of DOT. you can also call customer service and make the request if you want to change to PC else by default u will get DOT only.

This is bad - Had I known there was this option, I would have preferred the portable charger itself. Not that I’m unhappy with the Dot charger, but the flexibility of a portable charger is something I would have preferred. There was no option to select the PC online - Had to take the Dot as mandatory option

Even when I asked in the EC, they told we can’t take the portable instead of Dot and have to pay for it. Looks like there is disconnect at all points.

I’d still trade by Dot charger if I have an option today purely for the flexibility that it offers

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The option wasn’t presented to us during purchase. We should talk to Ather and have this remedied.