Ather body guard sponsored by ather energy

It’s been a kindly and wonderful gesture from team Ather energy in taking constant efforts in contacting me and sponsoring this newly launched accessory Ather body guard. Thanks for the efforts they made in contact me explaining the product and making sure that I have fixed it.

Thin layer of stickers are fixed on 8 generally prone areas were normal scratches will tend to happen. After fixing it my flight seems to have become a new one. Will update after one week about this product review.

Suggestion: At times I was not able to attend the call from Bangalore Ather. Since they have called from toll free, I couldn’t call them back when I could see the missed call. In this case, if possible they can give a message like we are not able to contact you, when u see this message kindly call back to this number like that. In that case we can get in touch and will not miss the opportunity.


Looks slick

I got mine installed just a week ago and one of the stickers has started peeling off already. I have my 5k service scheduled this weekend and hope they’ll install a replacement sticker for it.

Few days back i got a call from Ather, they said i got selected for a free Ather accessory - Ather Bodyguard. I think Ather team is creating a cool way to review their accessories by giving them to select customers. I am surprised that i got selected for an accessory review. In my circle we got 4 Ather 450X, 1 Gen2 n 3 Gen3. Last year i fell down in my Gen2 and thankfully I’m safe and my Ather got scratched fully on the right side. I had to change 5 parts on the right side using insurance and i took some time for insurance claim. By using this accessory the whole situation is different. Time, Money, Unwanted Headache all is saved. There is a little miscommunication between the Ather team and the showroom. When i reached showroom on the appointment time they are not sure about my appointment. So i had to call Ather team again and they cleared the situation.

Thanks to @smridhi.kalati , a cool community manager who sorted the issue in Ather showroom and get my Ather Bodyguard installed.

There are some bubbles while installing the Bodyguard which they said that it will disappear on exposure to sunlight or a few hours after installation.

The Ather Bodyguard is really useful and the transparent look is good, the 450 style guard is really cool…

I consider that Ather community is one of the awesome community and with all the events it looks good… Every events are on Weekends, i wish some events to be conducted on Fridays so that who are busy on Weekends can attend the events on Friday… @smridhi.kalati Kindly note this and arrange some events on Friday… :grinning:


Nice review.

How are they picking members for the review btw :confused::sob:.

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You will not be picked and you know the reason :crazy_face:

:face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:yeah makes sense :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

Waiting for my turn too

@yadinbala Whether those Air Bubbles are disappeared now.!

Yeah it’s cleared now… but for some others it’s not… I think that’s a mistake while installing


I have my 5k service planned for tomorrow and I’m thinking to get the bodyguard installed. But before that just wanted to ask people who have it installed already.

So, is it any good? Does it peel off in any cases? Any yellowish tint visible on the stickers?

@stevekoshydaniel2 @yadinbala @apcdgworks You guys were early testers, any inputs from you guys ?

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I was selected for this, and received a call but I wasn’t available on the day selected for installation also the accessories were not available at my nearest SC, I was called at the SC which is 60km from my place. She said she would call back again to confirm another day but she didn’t. Now that SC is closed, so it should be available at my nearest SC. @smridhi.kalati ? :⁠-⁠P

Based on my experience It does help in protecting it from certain scratches from other vehicles without ruining the look of scooter . As well as no yellowish tint as of now and its still staying strong not peeling off at all and no issues in any dirt or dust clinging to it . I recommend it 100% . Once you get it installed do send a review of it here as well…

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Thanks. Unfortunately for me, the guy who was suppose to install it was away to do range test for some scooter. Next time maybe.

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That happens quite a lot since most places didn’t have a specific person to install it in my case also… When I got mine done the first time before I got one sponsored from Ather that took 4 guys to install since nobody knew how to do it. The installation of the bodyguard sponsored by Ather for testing, the service centre manager was installing it for me since no one knew how to :sweat_smile:


Guys since i park my scooter daily in the metro parking its prone to get scratches , if u would have sponsored me, i could have tested in real life , now see :sob::sob::sob::disappointed:

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