Accessory Review - Ather Bodyguard

Few days back i got a call from Ather, they said i got selected for a free Ather accessory - Ather Bodyguard. I think Ather team is creating a cool way to review their accessories by giving them to select customers. I am surprised that i got selected for an accessory review. In my circle we got 4 Ather 450X, 1 Gen2 n 3 Gen3. Last year i fell down in my Gen2 and thankfully I’m safe and my Ather got scratched fully on the right side. I had to change 5 parts on the right side using insurance and i took some time for insurance claim. By using this accessory the whole situation is different. Time, Money, Unwanted Headache all is saved. There is a little miscommunication between the Ather team and the showroom. When i reached showroom on the appointment time they are not sure about my appointment. So i had to call Ather team again and they cleared the situation.

Thanks to @smridhi.kalati , a cool community manager who sorted the issue in Ather showroom and get my Ather Bodyguard installed.

There are some bubbles while installing the Bodyguard which they said that it will disappear on exposure to sunlight or a few hours after installation.

The Ather Bodyguard is really useful and the transparent look is good, the 450 style guard is really cool…

I consider that Ather community is one of the awesome community and with all the events it looks good… Every events are on Weekends, i wish some events to be conducted on Fridays so that who are busy on Weekends can attend the events on Friday… @smridhi.kalati Kindly note this and arrange some events on Friday… :grinning:


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