Ather bluetooth helmet

I was wondering I will get ather bluetooth helmet along with the purchase, is that true!. Anyone pls help, now I have serious doubts

Hey Surya! Welcome!

Ather BT helmet is a paid accessory. You will get a normal helmet if the local rules mandate that a helmet has to be provided with new scooter. BTW, Ather helmet will be out only by May, it seems.


I saw a video in YouTube ware one person is unboxing Ather branded helmet. it got free with scooter. is it true.

Yes, we get normal helmet, not the bluetooth one

yes its correct its mandatory of gov

Ather offered me a free normal helmet during delivery for my scooter last month. In Telangana, it’s mandatory for dealer to give a helmet to customer.

But in Bangalore no free helmet. I feel Govt. is not serious here, but it is our duty to wear helmet and ride safely. all the best and have SafeRide.

The traffic police implement the rule quite well in Bangalore I feel. It’s not a bad thing that it’s not free. It’s such a waste. I’m certain a lot of owners already have helmets and this just adds to the waste. You anyway can buy a helmet. The people who don’t wear a helmet, it isn’t because they forgot or didn’t have access to a helmet. The ones who don’t wear a helmet will continue to do so no matter how many helmets you give them. 🤦


Absolutely. For example, I already have 2 helmets at home that I selected for specific colour and build needs. The last thing I want is another helmet that I know I won’t use. Besides, there is no such thing as free lunch! Most sellers would obviously account for the cost of helmet somewhere in the purchase. So I am glad that didn’t happen in Karnataka.


Whatever, It is a great move to make it mandatory along with purchase, look at the younger generation getting their first scooter, in a way it shows great zeal that society care for them & teaches them to be responsible In their first step & it sticks to their mind that head is Important.

It’s an individual’s responsibility to wear a helmet at all times!. Can’t expect the govt to be a nanny state, forcing us to worry about our own heads.

I find it ridiculous that people will spend ₹1000 on accessories for a scooter (crash guards, annoying blinking leds and noisy exhausts) but skimp on a decent helmet.

BTW, those inverted plastic bowls that I see a lot of people wearing on their heads - It’s not a helmet, it’s a plastic bowl with a strap. That’s what it is!


Haha! So true! Over here, we call it ‘topo’ which means a bigger version of cap (topi) . It is nowhere close to be called a helmet…

i just shot a short video about a product i found very useful for the new Athers Atom bluetooth update.


Truly said it is a Behaviour. As the proverb says, we can take horse to a pond but can’t make it drink forcefully.

Many people in bengaluru wear a cap ( I like to say a plastic bowl) on their head to just avoid police or just to showcase, this similar behaviour is continuing for masks too in their minds just a showcase by keeping it on chin.

So unless there is self awareness no one can bring change, weather it is Govt or NGOS’