Ather App Update v9.1.0 - Android & iOS

Hey folks!

We’re releasing a new update to the Ather App (9.1.0) on Android and iOS. The updates have been pushed to the Google Play Store and App Store to a bunch of users as beta trials and should be available to update in a few hours.

Here’s what’s new since we kicked out the bugs: :space_invader:

Phone number and OTP-based login:

Email and password login will be replaced by phone number and OTP-based login. This makes it much safer and there’s one less password to remember!*

Book and track service in-app:

You’ll now be able to book a walk-in service appointment at your nearest Service Center and also track its status. We’re trying this out in a few cities and will gradually expand to all locations soon.

More interactive Ride Stories:

We’re running some beta tests and using your feedback to make this more useful to everyone. Don’t be surprised if your Ride Stories look different from your friends!

*The new OTP-based login system will automatically log you out after updating the app. If you are automatically logged out and you haven’t linked a phone number to your Ather account, please reach out to our customer service team and get it updated.

Known issues:

iOS 17.1 has reported multiple instances of mobile apps crashing. Apple should release a fix for that soon. In case you’re on iOS 17.1, you might face unexpected crashes of the Ather app.

Try out the new features in this update and let us know what you think of it! :zap:


Logging graphics looks new and good. Ride stories seems to be same…

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  1. It doesn’t log me out.
  2. I couldn’t find anything more interactive in ride stories. It is same as before.

I think it’s being pushed out to a select few and not everyone. I too don’t see any difference in my ride stories after updating.

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Guess only for beta testers

Is the update out yet for Android?

17.1 beta 3 has majorly solved the above error.

I have not received any update so far …still on 9.0.0 and app is not syncing with scooter for some reason…the scooter atherstack version is still on 5.8.

Why? This is so unnecessary

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I am currently singed in to my account from 2 different phones on Ather App. With the new App update will it make us logout on the other one or we can still access the App in both the phones simultaneously bcos it is OTP based.

Idk why they did this it’s not a banking app. I guess it makes it easier on their end

It’s because of security issue bro, if you’re from software background then you might understand, password based login are not safe at all, anyone who can guess your password can login. And IoT devices are very vulnerable to cyber attacks so this is very very important update

Probably completely phasing out the web version

Is it gonna take 1.5 hours to charge 7 percent? No then kindly fix the estimated charging time. Its been 5 months since i bought it and still the time is not estimated correctly

And why i don’t see anyone else complaining about it? Is this estimated time only wrong for me. And am i the only one who don’t get charging full notification too?

Always a difference of 40 mins approx.

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Mine is just a week old Gen 4 450x. Facing a similar issue, what I heard is the BMS pushes charging based on the battery heat so it doesn’t spoil the Battery life, bcos of that the time calculation is not always accurate.

I’ve always noticed its 40 mins less than what it shows. Atleast it should be real time as it comes closer to 100 percent.


For me it’s always 18% in one hour…


(post deleted by author)

It’s not been working for a long time, for everyone I believe :frowning: such an easy to implement feature too.

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Hah, it’s been 2.5 years since my purchase, I observed it on my first charge and still it’s not even close to the actual time.

In my case, I didn’t really care and never looked at the time. After a while you get estimate of charge time by just looking at the percentage.

You’re not the only one, even I complained this and the CS team just said to follow usual uninstall-reinstall, give us the model number, OS version, procedure. :man_facepalming:t2: Even after I told them I have multiple phones connected to the same account, the issue is from your side and not with the phone.

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