Ather App update v8.0.0 - Android & iOS - Early Access

For iOS we still didn’t got any updates I have mailed the details and all still ll get mail that send ur vin number or order number

You need to be subscribed to the Beta updates using TestFlight

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New issue - Unable to access charging history in the settings on the updated beta version

Is the app itself not accessible? I’ve never seen this type of login screen. I’m an Android user btw.

It is the 1st time for me as well. This is on iOS

Steps- Profile Tab- Charging History.

Once you click on the history button it navigates you to this page. Once you enter, the app gets stuck and has to be forcefully closed. It seems like the login functionality is yet to be implemented but then if you are accessing it through the app, login should not be required.

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The subscription tab is finally functional (it never worked earlier) & you can make purchases though the app. Not sure if this was earlier working for the others users

I get this on clicking Charging History. It’s supposed to be Neighbourhood charging sessions history, I think.

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I checked it on my other phone & it is working fine. I guess some issue with the build. Re-installing should work.

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Thank You So much :heart_eyes: it’s working now


i am facing this screen everytime ever since i have gotten the beta. simply using the Ather account ID Pass works for me. however the service history screen has never worked for me…

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I got the v8 upgrade for Android from Play Store today

Sadly doesn’t not solve my problem with the previous version.

The app not pair over BT with the scooter (i have followed the steps i found in the forum, it used to pair one in ten attempts).

Pixel 6a,5.10.157-android13-4-00002-g3dfaefa809c3-ab9965304 #1 Tue Apr 18 16:54:13 UTC 2023


Ride Statistics doesn’t show proper predicted range in latest version of app. For example, see below picture. With efficiency of 20Wh/Km it shows predicted range as 95 it should be around 120 or 130 i guess for Gen2.

This is certainly not the experience we intend for you to have, Geeta. Please share your registered contact number along with the vehicle details, with us via inbox and we’ll get working on this right away.

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When seeing service details in app, observed some things which needs to be solved.

This is a Gen 1 scooter 450 but it shows 450X, above that it shows correctly but this 450 and 450x simple things are not sorted out and that too in a single page I’m able to see both :person_facepalming:t2:

The service history page also has some technical error. Please sort it out.

PS:- My previous issue was on the dashboard fan getting turned on even when the scooter is in key off position, so it was assigned to community help and i shared all the details to them and i didn’t get any reply to the same. If this community help doesn’t help then please stop assigning posts to community help. I don’t know what will happen to this app issue.