Ather 450X Top Speed

Hi All,

I recently bought Ather 450X Grey Colour. Today I tried driving the vehicle in warp mode and reached the top speed of 89kms/hour. Ather company says 85km/hour in warp mode is the top speed. But the vehicle is over performing than what it was certified.

I am happy to be a Proud Owner of Ather 450X



It can also touch 90-92. I haven’t experienced it since I’m a future owner but I have seen it in many videos and in some posts on the forum too.
Happy Wheeeeeeeing!

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The scooter can go much faster. But it’s electronically limited to 80kmph.

The dashboard and the app will say numbers like 90-91kmph but that comes with a 10-15% error. The scooter cuts of at about 80kmph.


Even I have touched above 80 several times

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Yes it cuts out at 80 but due to road conditions like slope and all it reaches more than 80 some tomes 90 also.

And as per the error actually it is not 15% I guess. As per industry standards true speed should not be displayed on the dashboard.


Can anybody pls tell what is the top speed they touched in Ride Mode? I know that in Eco Mode u can do upto 50 kmph and Sports u can touch 90 kmph, pls help with Ride mode, thanks.

okay, So if 90 kmph is a speedo error then what is the true top speed of 450X? thanks.

Back in October 2019 I managed to touch 91 kmph on the 450. After that I haven’t been able to cross 80. :joy::joy:

80 is the top speed as per Ather.

Peace :peace_symbol:

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On the straight road with good flow of wind hits 94🥳


MY top speed is 91… yours. ? please share with me if it’s> 91 I will surely try for it :wink:

Here you go! 94 is touched by someone already!

It’s greater then your​:wink::yawning_face:

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maybe the road was SLOPE :crazy_face:

It’s not a slope road, my area roads are so neat and wind support me to push me to touch 94kpm but not only once i touched 94😉 it’s a straight road with speed breaker and some pends for 8 kms so that you need to go 91kms for 4kms after that only you can hit 94 once you try in any slope road also bro no worry seen your post so that replyed greater then thought you will try for it not give reason for it if i get good slope road sure i will hit 98 plus🥱

Last month I achieved this top speed on airport road. So why not share it on the forum!:sweat_smile:


WHAAAAAATTTTT! This looks like a record. Anyone’s clocked more than this?

Well, drive safe, guys… this is not a competition. :sweat_smile:


At this rate, next time I’m in a car zooming to the airport, I probably shouldn’t be surprised to see an Ather overtaking me! :joy: :sweat_smile:

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