Ather 450X T-shirt for pre-order

I was half asleep and with eyes barely open I see the below. Whut? Ather being delivered? Instantly lost sleep!

No SMS received till now but filled the form.

Got mine today :grinning:

Hey there are two T-Shirts and there’s some confusion here, if you haven’t received the earlier T-shirt, can you reach out to the CS team to log this as an issue, they’ll check and resend it if it’s not already in transit. The one that users are receiving right now are for the referral program :slight_smile:

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have sent an email to CS team … will that suffice ? waiting for series 1 order tshirt

Wish there was any option just to buy the t-shirts or get it somehow. Getting someone to buy Ather is not easy.

I hope a merchandise section will open up soon, given BT helmet and TPMS are coming “soon”. Or should we probably add this to “feature requests”?

There should be a separate section for Merchandise I guess?

I haven’t received any T-Shirt yet, Many I know when I will receive the T-Shirt, I have pre-ordered two vehicles

Received mine today. Thank you Abhishek and CS of Ather.

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I have not received t shirt yet in delhi. Can u share Customer Service contact details…

Just send an email to

Even I have not received goodies yet. Email has been sent still no response at all

still haven’t received the T-shirt

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Still haven’t received, did a follow-up with CS couple of weeks ago over email. Still not delivered

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Yeah… no t-shirt for me either. T-shirt distribution could’ve been thought through a bit more.