Ather 450X T-shirt for pre-order

Want to know if there are any issues with opening the form of filling t-shirt and delivery address details for those who reserved ather 450x


Hey, yes, some users are facing issues with the form. We’re working on a new one and will send it out in a few days.


Thanks appreciate it

Where is this form available? Any link for has there been an email that is shared?

The link for the form is on the confirmation email from the pre-order of 450x.

Try to open the link on a browser than in the email app itself. It worked for me.

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Still have the same issue

I haven’t got any confirmation email at all. My when I log-in and check it says per order is done on 7th jan. any contact for me to reach out to?

Try talking to the customer care

I don’t have any link in pre order confirmation email, may I know how to get t shirt?

I’m a bit confused. I was thinking the t-shirt was coming only with the scooter… where do I find this link to the t-shirt?

It is in the confirmation email that you get after pre-booking. However, the link in the email doesn’t work. But there is an easy fix. Just replacee the %Email% at the end of the url with your email id and it should work fine.

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Check the email where you got the invite code, you will see “Your exclusive Ather tee has been reserved too…”

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Thank you guys! Did this!

My friend used my code to pre-book. Doesn’t that qualify me for another shirt? Where is the link for that?

Can someone confirm rule 4 works? My friend pre-ordered using my code. But k do not see any confirmation for t-shirt.

Yeah I don’t see any new confirmation either. All my invite codes were used. I think they will probably send it after the reveal.

ather will send separate email to reserve tee. you have to enter size and shipping details. wait for some time they will send.

i got the separate link for tee and filled it up.

share link

Good afternoon guys just received my t-shirts sharing details with you

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