Ather 450X Price Drop

Govt. of India has reduced the GST rates on battery packs for EVs from 18% to 5%.

Ideally this benefit should be passed on to the end consumer. So are you guys planning to slash the rates of the current and upcoming models? @tarun


if this is adapted right now 450X price should drop by 11K and upgraded battery version should only within 10k more as it would benefit from subsidy of extra KW


to my knowledge 450X in mumbai is now for 1.43L compared to previous 1.51L and plus is the lowest i have ever seen after slashed subsidy for 1.23L

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Nope. It has been 1.43 since April 2022.

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I visited mumbai bandra showroom in may they said 1.50L+ to me,even i call pune Ather space they said 1.49L.People I know have got 450X for 1.36L when subsidy was higher before april

Oh. Thats weird bro. Website always showed it as 1.43 for Mumbai for 450 X.

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